Azyl 78 made an epic comeback as spring weather knocks on the door with a fresh breath of freedom. The open theatre tent prepared a wonderful and unexpected performance program, being an overnight success last summer. 

What is Azyl 78?

Azyl 78 is not only the theatre tent, it is something more significant for artists from Jatka 78. Precisely, it is a place that unites close-minded individuals on a cultural and mental level. 

“The idea of having our own chapitó came about due to the planned reconstruction of the stone theatre in the Prahie Market Hall (Pražská tržnice). Thanks to it, we have the freedom to take the functioning philosophy of Jatek 78 virtually anywhere at any time, ” confesses one of the performing actors at Azyl 78. 

In other words, the notion of creating Azyl 78 was a breakthrough as it introduced the idea that culture can be enjoyed from various points of view. The theatre tent has something to offer you, whether you are a working adult, an excited teenager, or just a small kid figuring out the way of life. 

A sneak peek at the summer season

There are a few headliners at the festival that caught our attention. For example, Rosti Novák Junior presented his authentic show, Journeys (Cesty). It is one of the most challenging and, at the same time, extravagant performances in the history of the Cirk La Putyka. According to the organizers, it features “thirty-five world-class acrobats, actors, and dancers who master circus disciplines such as the circus wheel, aerial acrobatics, and teeter-board.” This vivid description gives us a feeling that Novák is trying to compete with the Cirque de Soleil level, the masters of circus performances from the legendary gambling spot in Las Vegas. 

In June, Divadlo bratří Formanů, in collaboration with DEKKADANCERS and the Czech Philarmonic, will deliver the new vision of Kipling’s The Jungle Book. A well-known classic among all generations in our diversified society. The adaptation of the tale will be made from the perspective of musical and dance performances. The principal authors and composers are thrilled about the premiere. They cannot wait to show it to the Prague spectaculars. 


The location of the sort-of temporary theater has got to be the best spot in town, for sure! It is taking place in the center of greeny Stromovka. Just right next to the Prague Exhibition Center, the epicenter of culture. 

Azyl 78 can fit up to 520 spectaculars in its spacious and welcoming tent, made by the circus masters of chic and flaming Italy. Interestingly, last year (2021), the tent welcomed roughly 29,456 visitors. This is a great performance metric, considering it was the year of a rough coronavirus pandemic with harsh restrictions. 

Purchase tickets here if you want to join us on our adventures!

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