Febiofest nebo Prague IFF – Febiofest is the Prague international film festival showcasing the best premiers of the year which takes place annually since 1993. It was founded by FEBIO, an independent TV and film company, and is today known as the biggest film festival in the Czech Republic. A new visual style for this year’s festival, created once again by Dynamo, has been revealed together with the new dates.

In 2021, Febiofest is set to run from the 17th of September till the 24th of September for the 28th time. It will be showcased in the Slovanský dům palace in the heart of Prague. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers hope that the situation will improve. They emphasized that they monitor the imposed measures regularly, and they will inform future guests right away if anything changes.

“Dear friends, partners, film lovers, I am very happy to say the 28th Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest has been planned and prepared. However, the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be tragic, similarly to last year. Therefore, we decided once again to move the Festival to a new date, so that we all will be able to enjoy it fully. I hope and believe many of you will visit our festival this September and enjoy all that we have prepared for you this year,” says the director of IFF Prague – Febiofest, Kamil Spáčil.

For the 28th edition of Febiofestival, the topic of the film-making competition is announced to be My city. It can be presented in the form of a report, survey, or a short documentary film ( from 1 to 5 minutes in HD 1080 p resolution). There are two types of categories – individual and school team, and the choice is yours. Participants should submit their movie by the 31st of May via an online form on the official website. Important note: competitors must be Czech citizens or foreigners with a permanent residence of more than 13 years. Organizers expect to see at least 100 short films in the program.

“The Festival is not only about showing films; its essence lies above all in experiences and contact. Its ambition is to create a space in which different groups of viewers can share their impressions from films they have just seen, as well as meet their creators and discuss the films with them. Seeing as cinemas are likely to remain closed for some time, we are looking for the best possible time to meet everyone again. In the meantime, we are working on a series of appetizers in the form of on-line screenings,” says the festival’s Artistic Director Marta Švecová Lamperová.

Winners will be chosen by juries of various cultural backgrounds. For instance, one of the judges is Jan Faltus. You might know him for his Instagram account – Lepší město. Other juries are Janek Rubesš and Honza Mikulka, the team behind the Youtube channel Honest Guide, which is targeted at foreigners living here and tourists visiting the country.

Prizes for film-making competitions vary as well: depending on the category, there are different types of financial rewards. For example, the individual category winner will receive 20,000 CZK for the first place, 10,000 CZK for the second place, and 5,000 CZK for the third place.

Primary, secondary schools and higher education institutions can compete in the “school team” category; teams also should have a responsible teacher who will guide them outside of the competing group. A financial donation for the first place is 30,000 CZK, for the second place is 20,000 CZK, and for the third place is 10,000 CZK. 

The main program is dedicated to movies that satisfy the following requirements: they have a duration of 60 minutes (minimum); they can offer a Czech, international, or world premiere; they are submitted by 31st of Januar;, and the participants paid the submission fee. Themes can include freedom, human rights, freedom of speech, the fight for a dignified life, and humor. Febiofest is planning to inform the creators of the selected films by the 15th of February via e-mail or phone. 

The festival’s main program and ticket price are not yet announced to the public. Meanwhile, you can check how the festival was held in previous years here.

Featured image via Febiofest: 2020.

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