FAMUFEST is coming back to the streets of Prague on March 30th with a newly developed cultural program of digital performances, welcomed by hundreds of locals and ex-pats involved in the art & design industry. 

Festival hosts and organizers are excited to return to the stage, make some noise, and show the capital what they have been cooking during their ‘escape’ period. The offline world has more memories, emotions, and moments crucial for mental health and an integral part of social life. 

‘We miss you. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. We miss your smile, touch, and energy,’ commented one of the FAMUFEST representatives. 

Digital touch 

S3tk8ní is the topic, sort of a headline, of the festival. At first glance, it appears to be an unknown word that has the feeling of mystery, the notion of something unknown. However, it is simple, minimalistic, and straightforward in all aspects. 

S3tk8ní refers to the computer keyboard and the virtual way of life we have lived for the past couple of years. The continuous flow of Zoom workshops and lessons where artists learned something new and shared their perspectives on daily essential and life-changing events. The digital way of living turned out to be more challenging and demanding. Most people were looking forward to the time when this came to an end. 

May be an illustration

FAMUFEST emphasized the noteworthy fact that individuals lacked physical contact. One of the things we have been craving since March 2020. The date which turned our worlds upside down.

‘Luckily, the notion of physical contact is back on the table, and we are not missing this precious chance,’ concluded the festival hosts. 

FAMUFEST: New life, a new location 

The 38th FAMUFEST is taking new approaches in every sphere of its performance, including the business model and its aspects. Vršovice is one of the lively and flourishing areas of Prague 10. That is why it will be a welcoming host of the event from March 30th to April 3rd. 

Organizers chose the location intentionally, not by accident. Prague 10 is the heart of the Pilot Cinema, which will be the epicenter of the event. You can find various artistic performances, including exhibitions and off-screen programs around the area. 


Tickers can be purchased on the official website – GoOut.

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