The 37th annual student film festival FAMUFEST invites the audience to dive into the original atmosphere and take a fresh look at human life through the works of FAMU students.

The festival will take place from 28.4. to 2.5.2021 at Kino Světozor in the city center. Stay-at-homes will be able to watch it online on the official website.

This year’s theme is SPECTRUM – a wide range of varied ideas and objects, yet related to each other. In physics, the term defines a continuum of colour formed as a result of white light beam dispersion, so that its component wavelengths are arranged in order. This scientific phenomenon explains why we see rainbows after the rain. When the sunlight is reflected by the water droplets, it results in the spectrum of light appearing in the sky. We also see the rainbow differently depending on the angle we use to look at it, so everyone can experience his or her own “personal rainbow”.

The movie fanciers should expect the same from the multigenre film festival – the most diverse spectrum of the young Czech cinematography. The FAMU festival will focus on diversity and uniqueness, as well as everything life can offer, on human experiences and everyday stories, nights and mornings, past and future. Young talents might play to the audience’s feelings, touching remote strings of the human soul, on a more personal level this year.

The festival allows students to present their works from past years to the public, meet international colleagues and win awards in various nominations. Mature cinephiles and novices will find films to suit their taste and preferences. FAMU 37 presents a broad program, including movies, performances, exhibitions, and rich off programs.

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