As an expat living in the Czech Republic, you or may not have considered starting to learn the Czech language. Although the investment pretty much depends on how long you’ll be in the country, cracking this tough language may not be as impossible as it’s hyped up to be.

There are many cool benefits of picking up another language — especially for the country you’re living in. Life can only get easier in the Czech Republic with more Czech vocabulary on your side to save you in all kinds of situations. Need to go to the doctor? How about just getting directions to the pub that is somewhere in the area?

If you’ve decided to jump on board the Czech language bandwagon, you’re one step closer to making your life in CZ much more enjoyable. Have you ever wanted to visit other villages in the countryside? Pick up a few words here and there, especially restaurant vocabulary, and you’ll be able to use them in no time.

Czechs really appreciate when you give their language a try — even if you may butcher it up a bit. It shows that you’re trying and that the complexity of the language doesn’t intimidate you. If you’re thinking about settling down in CZ, it also makes sense to start learning the language or else 5 years will go down the line and you’ll still find yourself pretty useless in basic conversations (that’s no fun either).

So how can you get started? Easy. With the increasing amount of expats finding their way in CZ, there is also an increase in teachers and schools offering to teach the Czech language to foreigners. I personally think it’s just a matter of how much time and money you want to invest into it. From personal experience, the best way to learn Czech is through a private one-to-one lesson. All the attention is focused on your needs and to help your language skill grow. In a group, often times it’s hard to focus and the teacher’s attention is split amongst everyone in the group. In private lessons, the teacher can monitor your progress and take things as fast or as slow as you want it, depending on what you need and how you learn best.

Where can you find private teachers? Simple. There are many websites available now to help you out with this — it’s just matter of knowing them and trying them out.

Here are two of the most popular sites to help you search for your private Czech teacher:

 Teacher Creature ( (

You can spend the day browsing and contacting a few teachers of your choice, and by next week, you should have a lesson set-up and be on your way to learning the Czech language! Good luck!