Comedy Podcasts for the Delightfully Disenchanted.

Walls, referendums, mine disasters, gun violence, polar bears floating on a single ice cube. It’s headlines (and tweets!) like these that are so depressing you have to laugh, otherwise you’d cry. One self-described Brexit refugee takes this concept and runs with it, along with a hilarious supporting cast, to create bi-weekly comedy podcasts that poke fun at an otherwise sad state of affairs.

A Scotsman with rapid-fire delivery, Grant Gallacher, creates what some may call a “comedic safe space,” where everything goes and no one is safe…including his one-man house band, Phil Micallef (who’s last name is painfully butchered in a running gag.) Micallef acts as the sort of McMahon to Gallacher’s Carson, cracking each other up with off the cuff quips and one-liners. And, if Micallef’s theme song for the podcast doesn’t get stuck in your head, then you are just not paying attention.

The always funny Katie Anderson kicks off the podcast with a run down of the latest headlines. From game playing robots to retiring sumo champions, headlines range from the weird to just plain sad (r.i.p. world’s cutest dog), but that doesn’t stop the jokes from coming. Anderson usually has the rest of the crew rolling before the headlines are even wrapped up.

Pics: Courtesy Grant Gallacher

Next up is a round table discussion with designated “correspondents.” This rotating cast includes stand-outs in the Prague comedy scene as well as visiting comics, that put their own comedic spin on topics from Brexit to The Velvet Divorce. It’s during these round tables that the podcasts often dip into thoughtful dialogue. It’s pleasantly surprising to have the comedy put aside for a moment and hear some insightful commentary from the international cast.

If you want an intimate look at the Prague comedy scene, it’s well worth the time to attend a taping of the podcast. You can join the audience the first and third Sunday of every month at Bar…Coming Soon from 6 to 8pm. And be sure to stick around afterwards for the open mic stand-up where you’ll get up close and personal with some great local talent. You can check out previous episodes of the podcast here:

The headlines may be bleak, but like anything in life it’s how you look at it, and thanks to Gallacher’s podcasts we can look, and laugh.

Bar…Coming Soon:
Jindřicha Plachty 3163/28
150 00  Praha, Smíchov

How to get there:
By Tram: Anděl
Trams 5, 7, 20, 1, 9, 16, 7, 15, 10, 12, 5        

Melinda King

Melinda King

Originally from the great state of Nebraska, Melinda King has been writing, acting, and raising a family in Prague for the last 13 years. Aside from that, she enjoys various Gen-X activities like drinking coffee, wearing cardigans, and quietly weeping during 25th-anniversary shows of bands she used to like.
Melinda King