As an expat living in the Czech Republic, you or may not have considered starting to learn the Czech language. Although the investment pretty much depends on how long you’ll be in the country, cracking this tough language may not be as impossible as it’s hyped up to be. There are many cool benefits of picking up another language — especially for the country you’re living in. Life can only get easier in the Czech Republic with more Czech vocabulary on your side to save you in all kinds of situations. Need to go to the doctor? How about just getting directions to the pub that is somewhere in the area? If you’ve decided to jump on board the CzechRead more.

Every country carries out their own set of traditions and customs each year during the holidays. When moving to the Czech Republic, it’s good to be aware of some customs that may be different from your own. For example, in the Czech Republic, it’s common for households to hold off on getting a Christmas tree until December 23rd or just a few days before. Why? Answers vary, but a few have told me it’s to make sure that the tree is still alive and fresh at home on Christmas Day. Families will usually decorate the tree together on the 23rd and so it will be ready on the 24th — Christmas Day. Yes, even Christmas Day is different in CzechRead more.

In the Czech Republic, we have a saying: kolik řecí umíš, tolikrát jsi člověkem. The meaning is quite easy to understand. It says if you can speak more languages, you can be a better person. I love learning languages, but not just to be a better person. I love to meet new people from around the world, and if you can talk to them in their own language, you will be closer to them. It is not easy for us to learn some new language if we don’t go to the country and learn there. There is another option as well! One nice event for people who want to learn a language is held in Prague. I’m pretty sure there areRead more.