Expo58 Art, an installation hall in the heart of Letná Hill, invites visitors to enjoy the last days of the exhibition Observation in a cool-down space full of Czech modern art gems. A truly ideal location in town for escaping the scorching subtropical temperatures of 38 degrees!

Czech contemporary art is awaiting you until July 24, 2022, with no limits-from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Mondays. 

Exhibition background

The Observation was around Prague for quite a time. Its premiere, for instance, took place roughly a month ago, on June 15, 2022. 

‘Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery will open an exclusive exhibition of one of the most outstanding talents of the Czech contemporary art scene—Jan Gemrot,’ shared event organizers. 

No wonder the exhibition made some noise among the art critics of society. Everyone was excited and thrilled to see what Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery prepared for this exclusive installation. 

Jan Gemrot: the main character

The main character of Observation is undoubtedly Jan Gemrot. The rumor says he is a visual painter in terms of paintings. In fact, he is one of the leading figures in the Czech modern art scene. 

Gemrot is a master of his craft, literally. He belongs to the younger generation of artists breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries of modern art—such a rebellious thing to do! 

Some of Gemrot’s works are exhibited in various places, including the collection of the National Gallery in Prague and foreign collections worldwide. Popularity is a thing. What can we say?

‘With his exhibitions, he shocks the audience, never failing to capture the attention of both professionals and the general public,’ concluded curators Zdena Růžičková, Vladimír Lekeš, and Karel Srp

Observation: nutshell

The installation curators did some fantastic brainstorming in putting the fantastic works of Germot in the right direction. As a vivid illustration, they divided the exhibition into three different parts. Yet, they create a pure synergy. 

The first part is ‘Egos.’ What a great name, you would say. Nevertheless, something bigger is hidden here. In the Egos part, you may perceive different paintings, capturing ‘a combination of figural and landscape principles, with the landscape becoming a reflection of the inner direction or disposition of a man, and the painter seeking an analytical portrait of the human psyche.’ Told you, something bigger is hidden here! 

The theme of ‘Ingrowth’ represents the second part of the exhibition. This is especially related to energy transformation. A sort of transition to the other form of existence. What metaphorical artists can be in the twenty-first century!

The last part of the Observation is devoted to military topics. Gemrot shows the images of ‘military supersonic aircraft in moments of the aerodynamic boom, the visual experience of the sound cone.’ A quite radical approach to the third part of the exhibition, but we love the controversy. 

The hidden gem of the exhibition 

The art space prepared a special surprise for its visitors—which we are sure you will enjoy! It is the publication of a new book devoted to Observation installation. 

Written by Karel Srp, the art guru and historian, it visually traces all the mysterious paintings of Gemrot. Srp explains everything in meticulous detail, which is a perfect addition to the contemporary art of the Czech Republic. 

Getting here

The address of the art spot is Letenské sady 1500/80, Prague 7. We recommend taking the tram to Kamenická and enjoying the lively neighborhood of Letná. 

Perhaps you can grab a delicious snack at Praktika, or Chinese dumplings, full of pleasure and joy, at Dim Sum Spot. 

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