Prague Art Week is more than art on its own. It is a collaboration of art institutions, galleries, and museums that have come together to show the world its hidden gems and reveal the darkest secrets of modern and classical Czech art.

The event will run for a week, from September 9, 2022, to September 15, 2022. Let’s dive into the art fusion and discover what Art Week has prepared for us!

What’s Prague Art Week?  

As you might guess from the event’s name, Prague Art Week is a festival that runs for a week. How shocking is that right? It gathers all the leading art institutions in Prague. There, you might see representatives of Kunsthalle Praha, MeetFactory, Rudolfinum, the National Gallery of Prague (NGP), Kampa, DOX, and other members of the art and cultural society. 

“The first edition of the art festival will present the best of the programming of Prague’s leading art institutions, galleries, and art collections during the week of September 9–15”, according to the event organizers. 

During the festival, visitors have a range of marvelous opportunities. For instance, they can attend art lectures given by the industry’s guru, attend public talks led by modern artists, or participate in master classes and seminars. In other words, it is a beautiful place to learn more about Czech culture and art! 

The Grand Opening 

The New Stage of the National Theatre is a host for the lavish ceremony, taking place on Friday (September 9, 2022). Its magnificent and relatively vast facility will accommodate guests from all over the world. 

“The organizers will welcome foreign and Czech guests of the festival, including photographer Marie Tomanová, curator and art historian Thomas Beachdel, gallerist Maryna Schherbenko, as well as a theorist and scholar Céline Sabari,” shared the inside information the organizers. 

Except for the art leaders, the event prepared its guests for something unique. It is an open call for the non-fungible token (NFT). In particular, there will be an announcement of ten randomly selected artists from the Artefin Gallery competing for the best digital artwork, also known as NFT. 

The rumor says the winner will receive a pleasant surprise as a financial award worth 25,000 to 150,000 CZK. The other works that participated in the competition will be donated to charity. 

Hidden gems of Prague Art Week

Prague Art Week is full of pleasant surprises you do not expect to happen. Let us reveal some hidden gems you would not want to miss during the festival. 

The first and foremost is the Havrlant Art Collection. Why is it so special? Well, it is a private collection owned by the Havrlant family that is rarely shown to the public. The event intrigued the owners, and they decided to spill some tea about it. 

The other gem in this festival will be the group exhibition, led by HAC#1. The artists’ installation focuses on young, progressive modern art from Central and Eastern Europe. The talent of various artists will be revealed, and visitors can judge whether their works have artsy potential in the competitive industry. 

In the part of the experimental exhibition called Aerial, visitors will have an extraordinary chance to leave a note to Díaz, the person who stands behind it. Furthermore, guests could talk to one of the fabulous photographers from Mikulov, Marie Tomanová, so do not miss your chance to learn something from the pro.

When else would you have this one-to-one small talk opportunity? 

Admissions & Directions

There are no admission tickets to the event, and it is free to attend. The organizers will notify you in advance if any additional charge appears. 

Getting to the art festival is complicated as multiple venues are participating. We advise you to look at the digital map that will guide you through the daily headliners and the event summary.

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