Prague market (Pražské tržnice) is hosting the 4th annual Prague Beer Festival on the 1-2 April in Building 13 to celebrate the start of the blossoming and fruitful season that we have all been waiting for such a long time! Hosts prepared a special celebration, including more than 150  different beer types on the tap from various local breweries in the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries in the European Union and beyond it.  Come along, taste the coldest drinks, and enjoy brewing workshops with musical performances with the burger on the side!  Beer paradise  Prague Beer Festival is a fantastic place that unites people with similar hobbies, interests, and life perspectives. In the case of the upcoming event, itRead more.

A person ridden with insecurities can achieve paramount success if only they knew how to get over it. The fear, jealousy, ego, apathy and selfishness that govern us today are stopping us from reaching our true potential, stopping us from experiencing that inner peace. To add to the challenges, humanity is facing its toughest test ever with the global pandemic. Feels like the chaos is right at our doorstep! The external disturbances demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective and approach towards life. One solution for all our problems – TRANSFORMATION. The transformation that we are talking about is a permanent shift within that fosters a positive state of mind that helps experience happiness, joy, peace and love. MaitreyaRead more.


Just because most of Prague’s best attractions are currently closed doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the city’s culture. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Prague straight from your living room –from live streams to virtual tours to unique online experiences.  Live Prague concerts, movies and performances – For the first time ever, the National Theater is offering a number of online performances, including a live broadcast of Don Giovanni and a chance to watch Rigoletto during the entire month of March directly through their website. – Catch the online premiere of AI: When a Robot Writes a Play on the Svandovo Divadlo website on February 26th. Or stop by for other performances throughout the month ofRead more.