Prague Art Week is more than art on its own. It is a collaboration of art institutions, galleries, and museums that have come together to show the world its hidden gems and reveal the darkest secrets of modern and classical Czech art. The event will run for a week, from September 9, 2022, to September 15, 2022. Let’s dive into the art fusion and discover what Art Week has prepared for us! What’s Prague Art Week?   As you might guess from the event’s name, Prague Art Week is a festival that runs for a week. How shocking is that right? It gathers all the leading art institutions in Prague. There, you might see representatives of Kunsthalle Praha, MeetFactory, Rudolfinum, theRead more.

August 2002 was one of the most devastating moments for Prague and the entire Czech Republic. The tremendous and uncontrollable flood came out of nowhere and struck the city with a natural disaster. Nobody was expecting it, no one was expecting it, and no one wanted to experience it in real life. The exhibition, devoted to the natural disaster that almost wiped away buildings and spots on the shores of the mighty Vltava, runs from August 9, 2022, to September 22, 2022. Join a quick historical break on the installation currently running in Kampa Park, and learn more about Prague’s history and how people overcame the great flood of 2002. Exhibition background The installation offers a vast selection of high-resolutionRead more.

Střelecký Ostrov is the headliner of rascal parties and memorable events in Prague. Located in the heart of the Vltavá river, it offers a picturesque view of the cityscape, a green zone where you can hide from the heat, refreshing drinks, and Czech-savvy food.  Whether it is a food festival, techno party or private celebration – Střelecký Ostrov has everything you need in one spot. No wonder the Wine Festival is running here as well!  Pour in the flow of refreshing wine on Friday and Saturday at Střelecký Ostrov.  Vína z celého světa: event recap Vína z celého světa is a perfect event for wine lovers and enthusiasts. If we were to translate the name from the Czech language, weRead more.