Výstaviště, one of Prague’s significant installation and exhibition centers, has prepared something special for its visitors: the Tesla exhibition, focusing on the life of Nikola Tesla and his fantastic inventions that changed the lives of millions.  The installation is set to run from November 21, 2022, to December 11, 2022. The time is limited, so mark the date on your busy calendar!  Nikola Tesla: the genius who changed the world Nikola Tesla is one of the extraordinary people who were able to change the world into a better place, literally. He is known for multiple inventions, but the most significant is his contribution to the design of the modern AC electricity supply system. Thanks to Nikola’s magnificent brain, we nowRead more.

The Signal festival is returning to Prague with its new enlightening program that symbolizes ten years of the event. The streets of Prague will be lightened again for a couple of days, promoting contemporary and visual art, urban space notions, and modern technology.  The event will run for four days, from October 13, 2022, to October 16, 2022.  What is the Signal Festival? The Signal Festival is a unique event that promotes the digital and creative culture of the city. Since 2012, the event has linked a synergy between contemporary visual art, urban space, and modern technology. Together, all these three components work the best, delivering excellent outcomes.  “The program was created by renowned foreign and Czech artists in lightRead more.

Pálenkafest is not the average festival in Prague featuring the local gastronomy and beverages industry. Pálenkafest goes beyond it by representing the culture and spirit of the Czech Republic with the help of pálenka. The festival will run all day on October 8, 2022, and will be your reason to get the taste of the Czech Republic and day drink without any excuses.  What’s pálenka?  Pálenka is the common word for “spirits.” In Eastern European culture, pálenka is usually associated with distillate or a noble spirit. In most cases, it is a spirit created “by distilling fermented mash, which is prepared from crush fruits or another part of plants.” In other words, pálenka is a homemade spirit with various fruits,Read more.