With the blast of thunderstorms and flashes of lightning, Prague turned into a moody city, provoking a glumpy feeling among its residents and visitors. Luckily, we know how you can escape the sweater weather. Visit the Zenga exhibition at the National Gallery of Prague this week.

Enjoy the cultural destiny of Japanese culture, particularly Zen paintings from the Kaeru-An Collection at Salm Palace. 

Hess and Zenga

Japan is full of secrets and magic, and the unique collection of Zen paintings is one of them. In fact, the collection, exhibited at the National Gallery in Prague (NGP), comes from Felix Hess, the Dutch collector who was generous enough to gift it to NGP. 

Interestingly, Hess loves Japan and everything connected to it. His collection was growing at a rapid speed annually, with beautiful add-ons of Japanese artworks. As of 2022, the collection contains approximately 570 masterpieces, including ceramics and pairs of screens. Breathtaking, truly!

The major donation from Hess went, of course, to his homeland museum. Precisely speaking, it was the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In fact, 526 items from the Japanese collection successfully traveled in time to Prague to show the beauty of Japan to Czech residents and visitors of the capital. 

Zenga Exhibition

At the Zenga exhibition, visitors can enjoy a ‘comprehensive presentation of the Zen Buddhist approach to ink painting and calligraphy,’ said curators of the installation, Markéta Hánová, and Jana Ryndová. 

Japanese artworks will be presented in two rotations in Salm Palace, with its exceptional nature and context. It is unique for European countries, including the Czech Republic. In some areas of the exhibition, there will be a special place to meditate and enjoy the tranquility. 

Zen paintings will include calligraphy artworks as well. ‘Impressive in a special way because of the effective use of brush and ink… present beauty through simplicity, asymmetry, and the black-and-white nature of the ink brushstrokes.’ 


You can purchase tickets on the official website of the gallery or by purchasing them at the venue. The price should not differ. There are discounts for students up to 26 years old, as well as for children, the elderly, and holders of special cards. 

Getting there

To get to the Salm Palace, we recommend you drive to Malostranské náměstí by tram (1, 7, 12, 15, 20, 22, or 23). From there, you would enjoy the atmosphere of the old town, full of gorgeous buildings and aspiring architecture. The walk should take 5–10 minutes. 

Enjoy the Japanese culture!

Sofia Chesnokova

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