iMucha challenged the concept of creativity and introduced eMotion, a brand-new concept for the exhibition, full of motion and unforgettable emotions. Thousands of square meters are transformed into a real-life fairytale, with professional animations and orchestral music. 

Jïzdárna Pražakého hradu is an official host of the event, running from June 28, 2022, to September 13, 2022. Don’t miss your chance to engage with art interactively at eMotion. 

eMotion concept

The planned exhibition will not be the first time that the masterpieces of Alfons Mucha, one of the most significant Czech painters and artists, will be displayed. iMucha pioneered the installation, introducing locals and visitors to the capital to a new form of digital art. The art is full of hidden gems and secrets, emotions, feelings, and moments shared through projectors in dark rooms.

eMotion is the second chapter of iMucha, taken to the next level of user experience. The event organizers did a great job brainstorming. Thanks to the modern technology available in the world of 3D effects, visitors can enjoy the 360° effect. 

So, what exactly does this fancy 360° effect imply? Basically, the animation wonders, allowing you to perceive the painting from a different angle. You, as a traveler, would be able to dive into the actual painting and become an essential part of it. Incredible, we know! 

Mucha’s masterpieces

During his life, Mucha created more than a hundred artworks depicting the cultural life of the 19th century. We know which plays were performed in the theater and how they were advertised to the public, as Mucha was the one and only illustrator of such performances. 

In the exhibition, organizers developed the artist’s timeline, covering all the crucial moments of his life.

Interestingly, the event curators confess, “The story reflects the life and work of the Art Nouveau master and focuses on the Slav Epic as well as his Parsian and American periods.”

All the great things gathered in one place-a wonderful experience for anyone! 

The Slav Epic: the hidden gem 

Mucha’s Slav Epic, a collection of twenty canvases created between 1920 and 1928, is a hidden gem of the exhibition. This collection has a vast history behind it, simultaneously focusing on culture and society. 

eMotion will guide all visitors through the canvases of the Slav Epic collection, covering all the meticulous details and why they were essential to the artist. Prepare for the historical ride with a burst of amusing facts and emotions. 

‘Through 3D animations, the storyline will immerse you in the history of the Slavic people. The orchestral music enhances the emotionally charged experience,’ highlighted by installation curators. 

Classical music is a beautiful way to show the life of the 19th century, with all its perks and memorable moments. Who would have done it better on the spiritual level? 


There are two ways visitors can purchase tickets – online and at the venue. We recommend buying tickets online to avoid the long lines. 

The admission fee is 350Kč for adults, 250Kč for students, and people eligible for discount categories such as the elderly and owners of unique ZTP cards. The family ticket would cost you 850Kč. 

Getting to the eMotion 

The art gallery is located in the heart of Prague Castle—magical and adventurous! 

To get to Jïzdárna Pražakého hradu, take tram 22/23 to the Pražský hrad stop.Then, walk two minutes to the final destination! 

You can also take metro A to Malostranská/Hradčanská and stroll through the historic district, which is full of aesthetics and breathtaking architecture. Take Google Maps with you to avoid getting lost in the Czech beauty!

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