The week of refreshing prosecco festivals premiered in Prague to ease the heating wave we have all been struggling with for the last few days. A stream of ice-cold Italian prosecco with sweet and sour aromas can be found in various locations throughout the city center.

As bougy and chic lovers, we dug into the prosecco fests and found our favorite gems of the week of June 6-13. Let’s get it rolling!

What’s prosecco? 

To get started, let’s define the most crucial term of the day: prosecco. As we were discovering different variations in terminology, we decided to focus on how Italians describe prosecco, emphasizing culture, history, and traditions. Long story short, prosecco is a sparkling white wine originating from Veneto, the region in northeast Italy. 

In most cases, Italians love to drink prosecco at aperitivo (the snack time before dinner if we are translating word-to-word from the Latin language). It is not surprising that prosecco became an integral part of social life as the famous Aperol Spritz contains it (prosecco) as one of its fundamental ingredients that give you a refreshing fruity taste of summer. 

Of course, some people prefer drinking prosecco as a dessert wine, and there is nothing wrong with it. To drink or not to drink is the dilemma of society, originating from the magical fairytale Alice in Wonderland to up-to-date problems. The choice is after you, indeed! 

So, which festivals are running in Prague this week? 

PIKI: Prosecco v Parku 

The first event that piqued our interest was a Prosecco picnic in the park next to the Břevnov Monastery in Prague 6. The event will last three days, beginning on Friday (June 10) and ending on Sunday’s late summer sunset evening (June 12).

The hidden gem of this event is that it is located next to the pond, giving you a vibe of high society in the 18th century. People would gather for social events while dressed up in extravagant outfits during this time. Just like an annual ball in Bridgerton, if you know what we mean! 

There will be activities for everyone in the event- whether you are five, twenty-five, or forty-five. Remember, age is just a social construct! Visitors would be able to find leisure activities, a movie theatre with a vast selection of movies, ice cream from Grom, Italian gurus, homemade lemonades, and, undoubtedly, prosecco with prosecco-infused cocktails such as Aperol Spritz. 

Various DJs will accompany you during the event. Check out if your favorite musician will be there on the main stage right here! The entrance fee is free, but you have to buy a prosecco glass for a small fee of 120 Kč. If you already have one, feel free to take it with you! 

Strada del Prosecco 2022

The festival headline has a symbolic meaning in all aspects. If we were to translate the phrase ‘Strada del Prosecco’ from the Italian language, we would come up with ‘the road of Prosecco.’ In Italy, such a road leads you through various picturesque villages where prosecco is made. Breathtaking, a life experience that we all want to accomplish one day… 

We could not agree more that this phrase is super catchy and has a straightforward meaning-get ready for endless prosecco flows. For a moment, imagine yourself in Italy, and if you can’t, just sip the prosecco, and it will work its magic!

Interestingly, it is not the first time Prosekárna has run such an event. In fact, it is the seventh time in a row that the space has hosted this event, as they are true masters at this craft. You will have a marvelous opportunity to taste different wines from the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene DOCG region at the event directly with the winemakers on June 11 (Saturday).

The tasting will take place during brunch time at various locations in Prague. For instance, you can go to Prosekárna Vysočany, Prosekárna Letná, Prosekárna Petrské, Prosekárna Myslíkova, or Prosekárna Vinohrady. Each site has a unique program, so check it here before heading to the place. 

The most inspiring thing about visiting the event is the contest, where you can win mind-blowing things. As a vivid example, the first prize is a stay in Duca di Dolle in Italy for two people, worth 50,000 Kč. How amazing is that?

To participate in the contest, you have to visit locations of Prosekárna (like on the Prosecco road in Italy). Each spot will offer you two special stickers (one sticker equals the glass of prosecco). As soon as you have 10 stickers, you can enter a prize draw. Good luck! 

Enjoy the prosecco experience this weekend, and cheers!

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