Japanese culture is knocking on the door of welcoming Prague to show the perks of its traditions and associated attributes, such as Bonsai at the Botanic Garden, starting on June 11, 2022. 

The festival will run for a week. Make sure to stop by and enjoy the beauty of Asian culture, with all its gems and dark secrets, in the synergy of beauty and art. 

The headliner of the festival 

The event organizers chose the craft of Bonsai as the headliner of the festival due to its unique characteristics, such as eternal beauty. According to the authentic Japanese tradition, bonsai is ‘a piece that is never ‘finished’ as it changes through the seasons and gains beauty as the years pass.’ This detailed description gives us the sensation of Japanese mentality, especially their love and care for such simple things, including botany and life there. 

Interestingly, this year’s festival gathers the most blooming and flourishing bonsais around the Czech Republic and other neighboring EU countries. You can discover different species at the celebration with a pinch of local and exotic variations. Furthermore, the legend says that there will be some instances of old but gold bonsais—they are coming from the Botanic Garden Collection, aging for more than hundred-year-old trees. 

Undoubtedly, the event has an entertaining program, introducing the aces of the Asian art of tree shaping and Japanese traditions, followed by the occasion of the generation in today’s society, full of modern features. Let’s dive into the festival’s itinerary and see what it has prepared for curious visitors and faithful lovers of Japan. 

All-in-one bonsai festival

The Bonsai festival will premiere on June 11 with a burst of unforgettable emotions. Based on the revealed insider information, the fest will run till the 19th of June. Almost ten days of pleasure and excitement to discover something new (or something you did not know existed before!). 

Since the festival will be there for over one week, we will cover only the grand opening day, aka June 11, 2022. As you know, all the goodies come on the first day to make a striking impression. For instance, visitors can engage in various activities during the festival—from zazen meditation to listening to shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) performances to perceiving the beauty of the martial art, Ninjutsu. Just imagine that you are that one outgoing ninja, cutting the fruits (just like in a popular video game) or perhaps saving the country from the evil spirits. 

Visitors can experience an authentic tea ceremony organized by Urasenke Praha, followed by a Kimono and Geisha dance workshop. You’ll be a genuine Japanese guru with just a few practices, right?

Carters from Susi.cz, the spot representing authentic Japanese cuisine, will have some snacks and bites for you if you get hungry and exhausted from the vast selections of the performances. Stop by to have a burst of energy to discover the further adventures of Japanese culture. 

The program is subject to change, so make sure you check it on the official website (click here!) before heading to the festival! 

Tell me your location! 

Prague’s Botanic Garden is the official host of the event. To be more precise, the event will be held in the Japanese Garden (I know, so obvious yet so hidden) and the Ornamental Garden (the central spot for attractions such as workshops and performances). 

The opening hours are wonderful-every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (not all day every day BUT every day!!). 

The easiest way here is to take a ride on the 112 bus, departing from Nádraží Holešovice (metro line C, tram lines-6,12,17) to the bus station Kovárna/Zoologická zahrada. If you prefer traveling by car, there is a parking lot which you are more than welcome to use at 100 Kč/day. 


The entrance fee for the festival is equal to the entrance fee for the Botanic Garden. In other words, apart from the exhibition, you can visit the garden’s surroundings. Perhaps, it is a great way to indulge in botany if you aren’t a fan of the Japanese vibe. 

The classical ticket for adults is 150 Kč. Undoubtedly, there are some delicious discounts for children and students with a valid ID card (ISIC, for example). For them, tickets will cost 100 Kč. Other pricing options are available here!

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