With the spring, everything becomes better – weather, outdoor activities such as biking, mood, even the coronavirus situation! We encourage you to take a bike ride around Prague and discover some magnificent places you might forget during the lockdown: for the best views in the city, you can check our list here

What is Rekola? 

Rekola is a new concept of many developed and infrastructured European cities. In simple words, it is bike-sharing which is available for everyone who can bike! The name of the company has a deep and valuable meaning for society.

Jízdní kola firmy Rekola před NTK
Imichal93 | CC BY-SA 4.0

Basically, ‘kola’ means ‘bike’ in the Czech language, and ‘re’ stands for recycling as the organization started with recycled bikes donated by others. You can still find some refurbished bikes in some cities even though Prague, Brno, and Liberec use mostly new bikes. Interestingly, every bike has its name. You can discover it in the Rekola app, available on App Store and Google Play. 

Where can I ride? 

For now, bike rides are available in five Czech cities, including Prague, Brno, České Budějovice, Frýdek-Místek, and Olomouc. Furthermore, you can rent a bike any time of the day until November, or even longer if the weather is pretty good! 

Martin2035 | CC BY 4.0

As for the parking aspect, you can park the bike mostly everywhere as they do not require a specific station. Nevertheless, it would be best not to park at public transportation stops, crowded areas, and private spaces. To ease the process, you can look at the application, and the pink parking area will be displayed with ‘P.’ Note: if you park outside the allowed zone, you might get a fine of up to 320 Kč; however, it is unlikely as the application warns you if you parked the bike incorrectly! 

What about prices?

There are various plans and subscription which can be found in the application. For example, a monthly subscription to the Rekola services will cost 195 Kč. You will have access to an unlimited number of rides up to 30 minutes around the Czech Republic. The price plans work between the 21st of March and the 21st of November when the bike season is high. 

What is more, there are other plans: ‘pay as you go’ will cost you 24 Kč per 30 minutes. Luckily, you can have the first month absolutely for free: when you activate this package, you will get four free rides for up to 30 minutes. Do not forget to cancel the subscription if you did not like the Rekola experience; otherwise, the application will charge your bank account with the basic monthly plan. 

What is more, you can buy vouchers on the official website and the application. The coupon for the unlimited rides up to 30 minutes for three months will cost 585 Kč. The voucher with the unlimited rides for the entire day ( 24 hours and no limitation in time) is 250 Kč. 

How to rent Rekola?

To rent a bike, you should follow three easy steps. Usually, the application process takes up to two minutes of your time. Fundamentally, you should register at the app Rekola or go to the official website of the company. There, you will fill in information about yourself and link the card ( Visa or Mastercard). 

When the registration is done, you can go to any bike you like and scan the QR code located in the bike basket. After that, you will get the code that will unlock the bike’s lock (you will hear the sound). Now, you can enjoy your ride around the city! Our tip is to rent two bikes at the same time to spend quality time with friends or family. And yes, it can be done from one account! 


At the end of the ride, lock the bike and park it in the allowed area. Sometimes, the application asks you to take a picture of how you parked the bike to ensure you have done it correctly. 

Bike trips & tips

On the official website, you can find various maps with the suggested routes that will bring joy to your life! For instance, the most popular trail is called Stromovka. Its length is approximately seven kilometers, and you can do it in thirty minutes. Additionally, you can prolong the route until the Klecánky

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