No surprise: a lot of beer is consumed in the Czech Republic.

In fact, according to 2018 data published in a new Alcoholic Drinks Report from Statista, Czechs lead the entire world in beer consumption – – and it isn’t even close.

The average Czech drank about 137 liters of beer in 2017, a whopping 39 liters more than those in the next highest country, Poland. That’s about 40% more than the #2 position, a percentage gap considerably higher than any other in the study.

Germany, Austria, and Lithuania all topped 90 liters per person to round out the top five highest beer drinking nations, while Ireland came in seventh at 79 liters and the United States 12th with 75 liters. The United Kingdom did not feature in the top 15.

Here’s the top beer drinking nations for 2017 via an infographic from Statista:

The numbers back up data from a widely-distributed Kirin study, which pegged the Czech Republic at 142.6 liters of beer per capita in 2014, while Austria and Germany trailed considerably behind at around 105 liters per person.

If the two reports can be accurately compared, beer consumption in the Czech Republic has actually dipped a small amount in the past few years – but consumption in the other two countries has dropped even more.

Only Poland, with a steady 98 liters, has remained stable.

But how much is 137 liters of beer per year in practical terms?

That translates to about 0.37 liters of beer per day – roughly one small pour in a Czech pub.

And according to a recent report by Italian researchers, moderate drinkers who imbibed around a pint per day – 0.5 liters – had a 42% lower risk of heart disease when compared to non-drinkers.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

The versatile Danny Lee has been living in Prague and writing about the Czech capital for the past 15 years. You've probably read his work in the past without even knowing it.
Daniel Lee