In an open letter to prime minister Andrej Babiš, Czech violin virtuoso Pavel Šporcl says that culture in the Czech Republic has reached all-time lows. 

“Culture has basically ceased to exist. I’m not even referring to the fact that there can’t be any concerts, theaters, or exhibition halls, etc. I just mean there’s a state where there is no talk of culture… I don’t even remember seeing or hearing the Minister of Culture talking about culture and the need to preserve it, there’s no psychological and financial support for artists, the government doesn’t care about its importance… Only normal people, the consumer, miss the concerts and theatre performances and cinemas.” 

Šporcl asserts that while e-celebs and influencers have done well during the COVID-19 restrictions, the traditional culture that needs to be preserved is suffering.

“The real culture that elevates and enriches the nation is not the pseudo-celebrities that pop up on social media with photos of nice foreign beaches. Serious culture consists of musicians, singers, actors, painters, artists and others who work hard daily on their craft, wanting to keep up and improve, even during the pandemic.

“I think it’s been clear for a long time that the current government will not take care of us, not as taxpayers nor as citizens in this extraordinary situation. If they do, they do it with great difficulties and managerial failures. But it’s not just COVID-19 that is responsible for this. Many problems are being hidden under the guise of a pandemic.”

Šporcl has made a point to stay active during the COVID-19 restrictions, playing six concerts from his own living room, and frequently collaborating with different Czech musicians. His music can be found here.

Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Alex is a writer and trader living in Prague. He likes economics, anthropology, and cactuses.
Alex Richardson