Czech teachers believe that the current online education system should be improved. According to the Czech School Inspectorate research, teachers vote for the shortening of the study period and the change of the evaluation system. The research is based on the data collected from September to February this year. 

Fewer students were not included in the online studies compared to the last year. Last spring, the result was 250 000 students, which dropped to 50 000 students this year. This happened because schools started to rent computers. The technical equipment was also provided by different organizations or bought by parents. This fall, the Ministry of Education added 1,3 billion Czech crowns to the main budget for the technical development of schools. Still, 50 000 students don’t have an opportunity to study online.

More than half of the teachers consider changing the evaluation system to be a good improvement of the online education system. A third of the primary schools already introduced a new system of written and spoken evaluations. Six percent of schools consider adding spoken evaluations in the nearest future.

Also, not every student participates in online classes frequently. Family problems and the lack of motivation affect students, especially the older ones. In Moravian-Silesian, Liberec, South Bohemian, and Prague regions, less than 70 percent of students show interest in online classes.

Online skills of teachers are developing and improving. More than half of the teachers use Microsoft Teams as their main platform. Whatsapp and Skype became the least popular platforms for online classes. However, teachers often don’t use web camera contact during classes, which can lead to the lack of socialization for students. Forty percent of classes are held without the visual participation of students and teachers. 

Most of the students miss interactions with their classmates. The research recommends spending a quarter of the academic hours for the socialization and improvement of mental health. 

Irina Nikolaeva

Irina Nikolaeva

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Irina Nikolaeva