Rudolf II was one of the most important and most influential rulers of the Czech lands; his name is still famous centuries after his reign. Rudolf II was a member of the House of Habsburg. His titles included King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia, Archduke of Austria, and the big one, Holy Roman Emperor. His life was, by modern standards, short. He was born July 18, 1552. He died January 20, 1612. Rudolf was born in Vienna, the son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and Maria of Spain, who herself came from a royal family. From an early age, young Rudolf showed an interest in science, alchemy, and magic, interests which would remain with him for theRead more.

The Czech Republic is a new country, formed with the separation of Slovakia on New Year’s Day, 1993. This is known as the “Velvet Divorce”, a nod to the country’s Velvet Revolution of November 17, 1989. In past centuries and millennia, this area was a part of various countries. The current Czech Republic has been overrun by the armies of many different nations, and it has been occupied time and time again – such as in the time period from 1938 to 1945, when Nazi Germany marched in and settled down, only leaving after seven years and millions of deaths. In the 17th century, the Czech lands (as they were then known) were under the rule of the Holy RomanRead more.

The tourists who visit the Czech Republic in droves are here to see the country’s magnificent castles, charming squares, and beautiful architecture. Tourists can be seen everywhere, taking selfies in front of the Czech Republic’s classic sights. This country, however, has a great deal to offer that is not as visible as, say, the Astronomical Clock on Prague’s Old Town Square, or the John Lennon Wall on the other side of the river from the clock. The history of the modern Czech Republic contains many fascinating stories, among which is the Great Moravian Empire. Surprising though it may seem, this region was once home to a massive empire that, at one time, extended from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.Read more.