Today’s Nymburk is the center of Central Elbe, a city of monuments, culture, greenery, and sports: the local basketball club achieves excellent results and the Sports Center is sought after by the best athletes from all over the world

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Nymburk during various centuries

The story of the lovely and cozy city of Nymburk started in 1275. It was the time Přemysl Otakar II, the Bohemian king, establsihed the town. According to legends and early writings, the king invited Czech settlers, German and Dutch colonists to begin their lives. 

Years passed, and the Czech language became the dominant one after the Hussite Wars in the 15th century. Since then, there are brick walls around Nymburk with more than fifty towers and two defensive ditches. 

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In the 1900s, with the notion of the industrial revolution, the town was connected with the most critical cities via railroads. At the same time, there was installed telegraph and local telephones. 


During the reign of Wenceslaus II, the construction of the Gothic Church of St. Nicholas and Dominican Monastery took place. In fact, the Gothic Church is built from the unique bricks that are originating from North Germany. This style of architecture is predominant in the Czech lands at that time. 

Gabriela Homoláčová | CC BY-SA 3.0

The other significant landmarks are the Renaissance Town Hall and the Road Bridge. In 1913, the bridge was included in the cultural heritage even though it does only one purpose – connecting the town center and the Zálabí, the city’s other district. 

What is more, you can find here Turkish Tower, Prague Column, Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk, Synagogue, and other cultural monuments and instances with amusing history. 

Nymburk in Literature

B. Hrabal, one of the best Czech writers in the 20th century, grew up in the city. During his time there, he devoted some of his proses to the Nymburk. For example, The Little Town Where Time Stood Still, Cutting It Short, or Beautiful Sadness. 

In the museum of National History of Nymburk, you can find his permanent exhibition that introduces to the visitors the work and life of the author. 


Even though Nymburk is a small city with only 15,000 inhabitants, there is a great cultural life! Until June, you can visit the photo exhibitions, authors of which have origins in the Nymburk region and represent the city’s streets in the open-air exhibition! At the end of the show, the jury will select the best photograph for the theme ‘Hope.’ 


In June, there will be a terrific contest that suits both adults and children. It is organized by the House of Children and Youth in Nymburk, and the competition theme is ‘Seven wonders of Nymburk.’ Participants have to send pictures of the seven wonders of the city to a separate email and wait for the fun prizes! You can learn more about how you can participate here

How to get to Nymburk? 

The easiest way to visit the town is by taking the train. The trip will last about 45 minutes, and the students, seniors, and children have a delighted discount on the tickets if they show a valid ID card. For them, a one-way ticket will cost only 21 Kč!

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