Dominik Duka, cardinal at the Roman Catholic Church and the 36th Arch Bishop of Prague, believes coronavirus is a biological weapon and that the military knows about it. 

In a sermon made earlier in the month but recently dug up by CNN Prima News, Duka talks about COVID-19 testing the faith of an otherwise atheistic country, reigniting people’s awareness of death. He then openly refers to the coronavirus as a “biological weapons leak” that all the world’s militaries know about.

“This coronavirus situation reminds Christians of what we fear the most. What are we following the most? The number of deaths… In this situation, the worst is the Chinese virus, a biological weapons leak. All military specialists around the world are convinced of this, and they’re either too afraid to say it or they’re just not allowed…For Christians, this is the same situation as before; We must cross the threshold of death. Just like after birth when we ended up in our mother’s arms, we will end up in God’s arms.”

Duka accused atheist society of believing that man could become God and therefore avoid getting sick from COVID-19.

“We’re now facing the fact that this lying, militantly atheistic society that said God was dead, suddenly realized that man did not become God, and that the invisible virus can destroy us and the entire scientifically advanced society.”

CNN Prima got in touch with a Czech immunologist named Václav Hořejší and determined that he was apparently very offended at these remarks.

“What I have heard is absolutely scandalous. This cardinal has just become a spreader of fake news. I am also a Catholic and I’m ashamed and embarrassed that our church is headed by such a person.” 

Featured image by David Sedlecký via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

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Alex Richardson