Comic-con Prague is one of the most well-known pop-culture festivals inspired by comic-cons around the globe. And it’s now coming to Prague.

It unites various types of entertainment for fans of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Generally, there are plenty of interactive activities for everyone: gaming tournaments, film screenings, workshops, and presentations.  Most of the events will be presented in English with simultaneous translation into Czech via special headphones.

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In 2021, the organizers plan to host the festival from 7th May until 9th May at the O2 Arena. The price of tickets differs by day: 690 czk for Friday/Sunday, 990 czk for Saturday, 1990 czk for three days, and 4,990 czk for VIP tickets. The price includes programs, exhibitions, attractions, and all game zine. They are available for purchase via Ticketmaster or at the venue (when all tickets are sold). Children under the age of nine and disabled people are eligible for a 50% discount.

The COVID-19 pandemic made certain alterations to the rules of attendance and the precautions taken. If you feel unwell a few days before the festival, organizers highly encourage you to stay home. If it turns out that you were infected with COVID-19, you can send the e-mail with the test result to the comic-cons official portal, and your ticket will be valid for the next year. There will be disinfection stations and unique lamps that clean the air of the bacteria set up. At the festival, it is recommended to wear a mask, but not obligatory – all other governmental regulations will apply at the time. In case the event is ultimately canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entrance fee will be refunded. You will get a signed photo with a little present as compensation for not enjoying all perks of the festival. If you do not like this option, you can ask the hosts for a full refund of the money.

To sign up for an event in the fan program, you need to follow the following procedure. First of all, write an e-mail to the information portal of Comic-Con Prague. The message should include your name and surname, topic and the event format (lecture, quiz, talkshow, workshop), as well as your previous experience. Then, the head of the program will get back to you with the information and conditions. Take into account that some attractions require registration, whereas others are not scheduled for a particular time. The program’s overview will be available at the festival on the big screen in front of each hall. It will also be printed on information boards in certain places. You can find the program online as well: go to the website to the section program, or just click here!

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The dress code of the festival is another aspect to cover. Usually, there are no specific costumes; however, if you feel like dressing up – your costume will need to satisfy the costume criteria, which you can find here. There is a changing room in the gallery, which you can use. If you do not want to carry clothes with you, you can store them in a paid locker room (holders of VIP tickets have free access to the changing rooms). 

Comic-Con’s policy about the footage is liberal in all ways. You can take pictures and videos with your mobile phone or camera and share them on social media platforms. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions for flash photography and videography: it is allowed until five minutes after the event has started and then 5 minutes before it ends. Some performances can prohibit footage, which will be announced at the festival. Note: if you break any of the mentioned above rules, the security will remove you from the festival without the chance to get a refund. 

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In case you get thirsty or hungry, you can always go to the refreshments stations, which will be located around the place. Galerie Harfa will also provide you with plenty of drinks of your choice. Unfortunately, the O2 arena does not allow you to bring your food or drinks as part of the precautious measures. The only exception would be people who need to follow a special diet, such as people with diabetes. In this case, it is required to provide a certificate from your practician. 

We hope you will be able to enjoy the experience of Comic-Con Prague 2021. Remember to stay safe during these challenging times, and minimize the risk of spreading the disease. 

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