Prague is finally, finally getting Comic Con! If you’re a fan of film and television, comics and graphic novels or even games, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

What started as a one day convention in New York back in 1964 eventually moved to California and has grown to become, according to Forbes, “the largest pop culture event in the world.”  Some 135,000 fans of film, television, and comics attended the 2019 event in San Diego where the convention still holds court every summer and in addition to the attendance records they break almost every year, the numbers generated by those fans are staggering.

Image courtesy of San Diego Comic Con (2019)

The idea of Comic Con leapt across the ocean and has since appeared in a number of European countries, from the London Film and Comic Con (where I took some of the photos in this article) to Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Paris. 

If you’ve never been to a Comic Con, here’s what it’s all about in a nutshell direct from the event planners themselves:

“Enter a world where dreams come true for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Enjoy an action-packed three-day festival dedicated to video games and boardgames, film and tv shows, anime and comics, books and paintings, costumes…”

There will be “photo opportunities with actors and other star guests, cosplay, gaming, screenings, Q&A sessions, workshops, competitions, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, and exclusive merchandise…

For the first time in the Czech Republic, you will be able to meet a wide range of actors, comic creators, and other artists at a single festival. Comic-Con Prague offers several unique fan and company-run events. Experience the unforgettable, take great photos, get rare autographs, and make new friends…”

Typically, the evenings surrounding a Comic Con include events such as awards ceremonies, Masquerade costume contests, parties and other events.

You may have noticed the word “Cosplayers” above. What’s a Cosplayer? It’s a mix of the words “Costume” and “Play” meaning those who’re willing to dress up can come to the Con as their favorite characters and be a star for the day while walking around dressed as some of your favorite characters and more. These people are usually more than happy to take a photo with you so you could, for example, grab a shot of you getting arrested by some Stormtroopers from STAR WARS, or maybe palling around with a Wookiee!

Me posing with a couple of GHOSTBUSTERS cosplayers in London.

While some of the bigger conventions manage to pull in A-list stars (London recently had Zachary Levi from SHAZAM! and Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones and AQUAMAN fame, for example) a stars of the past, the first Comic Con in the Czech Republic has already begun to line up actors, artists and even scientists who will take part in Q&A’s and even pose for photographs… among them are actor Ron Perlman of HELLBOY, PACIFIC RIM, and tv’s Sons of Anarchy, actor Casper Van Dien of the infamous STARSHIP TROOPERS and Tim Burton’s SLEEPY HOLLOW, actor Ian McElhinney who played Her Barristan Selmy on Game of Thrones. And of course, Comic Con wouldn’t be legit without the presence of Slovakia’s now legendary stunt-performer/actor Valdimír Furdík who played The Night King on Game of Thrones. 

Actor/Stuntman Vladimír Furdík, Game of Thrones Night King, who will
be attending the first ever Prague Comic Con.

More appearances are likely to be announced in the coming months. 

Pre-sale tickets are already available for a Day Pass from 590 crowns (the price will go up to 690 crowns when the pre-sale allotment is gone or on December 31st), and you can also purchase a Three Day Pass starting from 1590 crowns. 

VIP Collectors Pass for the 2020 Prague Comic Con
Image courtesy of Prague Comic Con

Want more? A VIP Experience, perhaps? The Con has you covered… A VIP ticket will run you 4990 crowns during the Pre-Sale event. For that price you’ll get: 

  • VIP Collector’s ticket (like the image above)
  • Transferable entry to the venue using a separate entrance.
  • Transferable entry to halls B and E2, with reserved seating in the front.
  • Priority entry to official photo and autograph sessions.
  • A separate station with refreshments and faster service.
  • VIP merchandising
    • cotton bag
    • fan
    • pen
    • highlighter
    • block of paper
    • 3D Comic-Con Prague keyring
    • book
    • And more to be announced

You can find official rules and information on the Comic Con website by visiting

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion

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