You can’t spend Christmas in the Czech Republic without traditional carp, Pelíšky (Cosy Dens), shoe throwing, and golden pig. Discover the weirdest and most random traditions followed by every Czech in our article!   Carp and the potato salad Carp has been the main character of the Czech Christmas dinner table for hundreds of years, followed by generations. The carp sales started this week, and you can buy fish everywhere in Prague in large tanks full of fresh water. For instance, in Prague 7, the price for carp was 129Kč/kilogram.  The carp first appeared on the Christmas table in the 19th century near the fish farm city of Třeboň, and since then, it has become a beloved dish among the Czechs. Usually,Read more.

On December 5, Czech traditions and rituals, followed by generations, come around the corner as the Christmas season approaches Prague. On this day, people dress up in different costumes of angels, devils, and St. Nicholas, the saint with a long white beard, to celebrate the eve of St. Nicholas Day, known as Mikuláš in the Czech Republic.  Choose a character for yourself based on your karma and behavior. Are you an angel or a devil? Or perhaps you are Mikuláš.  Origins of the St. Nicholas Day St. Nicholas Day has a long history behind it, thanks to the importance of religion and the church in society. Interestingly, the celebration of St. Nicholas Day is more common in the culture ofRead more.


Prague is famously beautiful in winter, and this magic does not disappear once the Christmas season is over. With snow flurries and chilly days that turn cheeks red, the city holds on to the special winter magic for many months. Unfortunately, this year, we have been without many of our beloved winter activities. While we may all be excited for when our lifestyles return to normal, stay safe and enjoy Prague this winter with the following five activities across the city: Take a Walk Along Rašínovo Nábřeží Stretching from Žofín Palace to Jiráskův bridge, this embankment has historically served as a port for tour boats, the Prague Steamship Company, and mooring rafts. In modern times, it has been lit upRead more.