Tech start-up Nimble Energy introduces Nimbee, an electricity-on-demand service for out-of-home EV charging. Pilot operations will start in the first EU city, Prague, this summer.

Prague, February 8, 2021 – The Czech tech start-up Nimble Energy aims to simplify the life of electric vehicle owners by bringing charging-electricity to wherever they need it. Focusing on high-capacity mobile storage and charging stations in the last three years, Nimble Energy is introducing an industry-first on-demand electricity delivery service. Nimbee, the first customer-centric system, is based on a 50 cm small, 40 kW charging power mobile battery developed by the Czech and Swiss experts. It can fully charge a medium-size car with European CCS connectors or Asian CHAdeMO within an hour. The official pilot launch is scheduled for early summer together with applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Electric vehicles have seen a significant rise in popularity. And with more models entering the market and the EV customer base expanding, efforts to build up out-of-home charging infrastructure are picking up speed as well. According to the latest report published by the European Federation for Transport and Environment AISBL, 33 million Europeans will need a convenient recharge of their electric cars by 2030. But drivers are still confronted with the problem of accessing the quick-charging stations at the moment they need them.

Jan Samal, CEO of Nimble Energy, felt the need to make a more fundamental contribution to a sustainable world. The company is interested to utilize surplus renewable sources from various energy players in their system and therefore help with demand-side flexibility tasks.

Nimble Energy is making the charging-as-a-service approach easier for drivers: it brings the battery to where the car is parked. EV drivers thus skip searching for charging stations and can just park their car anywhere for recharging. It takes two minutes to order recharging through the app, and the Nimbee battery arrives at the agreed time. It can charge one Tesla 3 or two VW Ups with a fast-charger level within an hour.

Samal specifies: “We´ve developed Nimbee as an open platform for independent providers of fast mobile charging infrastructure. Other providers may connect to the system – either with their equipment, that needs our certification or by renting or buying a charger from us. The customers’ won´t feel the difference as they will use the same platform. The goal is to develop the service faster within the EU while lowering the barrier to entry and the initial costs for other operators. That all to the benefit of the end-customer.”

The battery capacity is 42 kWh, with a maximum charging power of 40 kW, for both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors. The voltage is 900 V and uses Open Charge Point Protocol 2.0. The Nimbee can fully recharge small and medium EVs, and partially recharge the battery of larger EVs.

Each Nimbee is mounted on a special trailer with a hydraulic arm for safe handling on the city streets. The operator will bring it to the delivery location with one of their own electric vehicles, connect it to the customer’s car and take it back to its depot after charging. From ordering to recharging, the customer monitors the entire process in the mobile application.

“The first phase of the project is concentrated on the EU cities with significant growth of electric cars, primarily such as Hamburg and Copenhagen, secondarily Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam,” adds Samal.

Nimbee works like a true on-demand service, offering dynamic tariffs based on the urgency of the order. The price for charging within the hour will be different from a recharging service with longer lead time. The most affordable charging is at night for those who don´t have any charging options. In reducing consumer fear of complicated maintenance of EVs, Nimbee makes it easier to recharge and to own an electric car. 

Nimble Energy

Czech tech startup Nimble Energy that focuses on high-capacity mobile storage and charging stations was established in 2017. Company also creates new concepts of smart electrical networks that overcome current solutions efficiency and stability. In December 2020, it has joined as a core member the EIT, an influential European Institute of Technology (urban mobility section), alongside such names as EoN or BMW. More details at or

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