The Center of Architecture and Urban Planning has presented the model of Vltavská Philarmonic, designed by Bjarske Ingles, in meticulous detail. The installation depicts the Prague landscape’s future, emphasizing the cultural heritage and its importance to the locals as well as to Czech history. 

The exhibition is free to visit from July 1, 2022, to September 18, 2022. Do not miss your chance!

Prague’s cultural scene

Prague has been a powerful magnet for centuries, attracting talented musicians from all over the country, thanks to its diverse and rich culture. Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Leoš Janáček – you name it! 

Interestingly, some music halls, or as we say, theaters, are named after Czech composers. When you visit Rudolfinum to enjoy a Czech Philharmonic concert, you will most likely attend Dvořák Hall, built in 1885. 

In the case of Obecní dům (The Municipal House), Smetana Hall welcomes visitors with its rich interiors. It was redesigned in 1912—classical and bougy. 

Here is the paradox. Even though the music halls are stunning and fascinating, they lack one of the most crucial things valued nowadays in the music industry: spatial and technical standards. 

This problem was eating everyone from the inside, and the Vltavská Philarmonic Competition took place-what a relief! 

Vltavská Philarmonic: contest

Vltavská Philarmonic Competition was not just an average race among architects and designers. It was more than that. In fact, it was an international architectural competition involving 120 teams from 25 countries—Go big or go home! 

After the intense competition of the true masters of their craft, the jury chose the most breathtaking moulage of Vltavská Philarmonic. It is not a secret that the winner has become a Danish studio, Bjarke Ingles Group (also known as BIG). 

Their projects are widely known worldwide—whether we talk about London, New York, Barcelona, Shenzhen, or their hometown, Copenhagen. Let’s see what they have prepared for us with their local and secretive insights.

CAMP: Vltavská Philarmonic moulage 

CAMP presented the model of the Vltavská Philarmonic at its main hall, known as the Black Hall. A space full of interactive projectors, touchy installations, and a considerable screen. 

In the exhibition, visitors have a unique opportunity to read, see, and perceive all the information about the potential project of Vltavská Philarmonic. 

‘Information about the designs is conveyed through large-scale projections, physical models, a detailed comparative viewer on a touch panel, and a freely accessible catalog, including project cards,’ informed installation curators at CAMP. 

What is more, you can take a closer look not only at the moulage but also at a jury’s evaluation of the project as well as the exclusive interview with the founder of BIG. Who else has such business insights? 

The Road to CAMP

There are three ways to get to the exhibition grounds, using public transport. 

If you are a tram guy, you can take the tram (2,3,10,14,16,18, or 24) to Moráň and head south 140 meters. Make sure to bring compasses with you! 

For metro lovers, we suggest taking the B/yellow carriage to Karlovo náměstí. From the stop, head south and enjoy the neighborhood of friendly Prague 2. 

Take the bus (176) to Karlovo námst station and arrive at CAMP in 240 meters!

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