Susu (수수 in Korean) literally translates to “pure and simple,” which is the perfect way to describe the offerings at Cafe Susu. As a coffeehouse, you will find the classic selection of espresso, cappucinos, and lattes, but the true star of the show is bingsu, Korea’s famous shaved ice.

When you hear the words “shaved ice” you may think of the snow cones you remember from childhood. You know, the shaved ice in paper cones covered in sickly sweet flavors like “blue raspberry”, and “tropical punch.” No. Bingsu takes shaved ice to a whole other level. Think toppings like matcha, red bean, strawberry, or mango. Think large bowls of creamy indulgence you’ll want to savor and enjoy.

Kim Taieun opened Cafe Susu last year after not being able to find her favorite treats from home in Prague. “Bingsu is very popular in Korea,” she tells me. “It is especially popular in summer, but is so good we eat it year round.” Kim came to Prague from Korea nine years ago with a serious love of coffee and previous training as a barista. “I had my barista license in Korea, but then I came to Prague and had to pass the European barista test to acquire another license,” she explains. This training eventually led to the idea of opening her own cafe. Aside from just being a traditional coffeehouse, Kim decided she would also offer beloved treats from home. Welcome bingsu! Welcome bungeo-ppang!

The cafe itself is cozy and bright, with charming touches like an antique bicycle wrapped in fairy lights, bistro style tables, and a window seat filled with comfy pillows. The cake display shows generous slices of matcha cheesecake, carrot cake, and bungeo-ppang (tasty little cakes in the shape of carp and filled with sweet red bean paste.) Through the overhead speakers comes the sounds of K-pop, a common musical gateway to Korean culture. “Most of our guests come to us because they love K-pop and want to explore more about Korea,” Kim says. “After they taste our treats, they tell their friends and we’ve become more and more popular.” Even with the growing popularity of all things Korean, Kim chooses to focus on quality and keeping things simple at her cafe. One taste of Cafe Susu’s delicious coffee and amazing bingsu, and you will find the beauty in its simplicity too.

Images courtesy Cafe Susu

Cafe Susu
Školská 1478/14, Nové Město

Melinda King

Melinda King

Originally from the great state of Nebraska, Melinda King has been writing, acting, and raising a family in Prague for the last 13 years. Aside from that, she enjoys various Gen-X activities like drinking coffee, wearing cardigans, and quietly weeping during 25th-anniversary shows of bands she used to like.
Melinda King