Prague 20.1.2021. Sberbank increased the number of internal processes managed by robots by 40 percent year-on-year. Since the end of 2020, the bank has also robotized the first processes directly for clients, namely the processing of applications from the new Sberbank e-shop.

Thanks to the deployment of the robot, the bank increased the efficiency of processing loan applications that clients submitted through the e-shop, improved the customer experience and improved the service for clients.

“Despite the difficult situation in 2020, we managed to further develop the implementation of robots into our operation and now we have reached the number of 43 robotic processes. We partially robotized the first really classic front office process – the new Sberbank e-shop, “explains Vratislava Šestáková, Head of Operations Sberbank, who is in charge of robotics at the bank.

The robot performed 312 processes in the e-shop within 3 weeks of deployment. This saved call center employees time entering new client data into the banking system. The savings account for about 10 minutes of human labor per one process. In total, the robot saved people 52 hours of work during December.

Another advantage of the robot is the accuracy and consistency of entering client data, better process control thanks to subsequent reporting of robot data and greater resistance to peaks in client demand. In addition, he freed the hands of call center employees so that they could primarily engage in communication with clients. However, the key is to reduce the time taken to process an application for loan applicants, who now get their money faster.

Thanks to the deployment of the robot, the bank increased the efficiency of processing loan applications, improved the customer experience and improved service for clients. The bank continues to robotize and is now preparing to automate the processes in its new mobile and internet banking.

Sberbank CZ, a.s. With its financial products and services, Sberbank CZ focuses on retail clients, small and medium-sized companies and large companies. Its basic value is the highest possible client satisfaction. It is based on a fair approach and friendly services. In addition to offering regular banking products, Sberbank CZ has a strong position in corporate banking in the area of foreign exchange operations, structured and export financing. Sberbank CZ has been operating on the Czech market since 1993, and since 1 January 1997 as an independent joint-stock company. Its majority owner is Sberbank Europe AG based in Vienna.

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