by Steven Lord, director and founder of BE Project business networking

Making a living is a challenging human endeavor. Organizing your own independent revenue-yielding business activity is one of the most problematic occupations a human being can undertake, it’s no wonder most would prefer the relative ease and security of having a job with a monthly salary.

But markets are changing, with fewer good jobs leading to meaningful long term employment. Increasingly, career options are diminishing, opportunities becoming more scarce, benefits eroded and contracts shorter term. Many are now having to re-frame life-styles and revise long-held aspirations in responding to theses market changes by adopting freelancing ways and developing strategies for financial self sufficiency.

In this ‘gig-economy’ dynamic the definition and presentation of one’s own personal brand is critical. Strong selling skills and a supportive network are now the keys to generating income opportunities. Building and maintaining personal relationships is a fundamental marketing strategy, and flexibility and empathy invaluable personal qualities to underpin and reinforce your endeavors. You are now de facto Chief Exec, Business Development, Finance and Admin support and need to learn and adapt quickly. But where and how do you acquire the skills necessary?

Education systems by their very nature suffer a time lag in responding to changes in the world of work, with the consequence that many step out of high school and university ill-equipped to  adapt successfully to the changed conditions of the world of work. And where once  corporations were prepared to invest in the training and development of their future management resources, this is sadly now a rarity.

Which is where BE Project plays a part in the local business community. The development of BE Project has been in response to recent changes in how we conduct business. Relationship building, personal brand development and collaboration in actively curating new business opportunities lie at the heart of the compact with our members and clients. Mutuality and reciprocity are mandatory considerations when negotiating business within our community and integrity and an ethical approach in business and in life the minimum expectation for long term business success and a return on your investment.

And we do all of this in business English language. So if you would like to try our brand of business networking for a ‘gig economy’, do business in Prague, and have an open mind then come and join one of our business group morning meetings for inspiration in business.

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Steven Lord
Director and founder of BE Project business networking
Steven Lord

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