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Have you or anyone you know had to seek out legal advice while living in the Czech Republic? Maybe you’re having issues getting your Visa sorted. Maybe you moved here for a relationship that dissolved and you need help initiating divorce proceedings. Maybe you want to start a brick and mortar business here in Prague and need help making sense of all of the necessary paperwork and filings. Or maybe you rented a flat from someone who you feel is being… a little bit tricky with contracts.

Whatever the case may be, finding legal representation can be a difficult process no matter where you live in the world. Lawyers seem to speak another language and the issue can be compounded when the language they speak is quite literally a different than your own… 

So what is one to do? How can you find the right person or people for the issue you need to address and make sure that you would be able to effectively communicate your needs with him or her in order to effect the best possible outcome in any situation?

One Law Firm in Prague is looking to answer those questions in a much easier way. Legans (http://legans.cz) wants to help bridge the divide and make it easier for you to cross that language gap. In order to start a dialogue, they’re beginning by assessing which services would be of most value to people like you and I… namely, expats living in the Czech Republic… and they’re offering you a special price of 500 CZK (19.50 EUR) for 30 min of legal consultation only till March 2022.

Legans Law Office

We help you to master the Czech bureaucracy

Revoluční 1003/3, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika

+420 778 116 185



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Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion is a Gotham Award-winning independent film producer, writer, and teacher who has been living and working in Prague since 2015.
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