Despite being a millennial freelancer living in the digital world I’m an absolute noob when it comes to computers and programming. As the world is consistently becoming digitalised, it scares me how computer illiterate I am. You may have noticed job market sites in Prague are saturated with IT and design jobs. More specifically, programmers.

A programmer or coder is someone who designs, writes and maintains computer software. 

And programmers are IN  D E M A N D.

But how does a coding illiterate individual like myself, and maybe you, crack the code into the world of JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS and more.

I went to Green Fox Academy‘s free Basics of Programming Workshop for a crash course into coding. I’m not a maths person and thought I would just struggle. Maybe that’s why I was way too happy when I was able to produce five coloured squares. The mentors were very helpful and attentive and I found programming language to be a lot friendlier than I thought.

However, their career-changing course is no walk in the park. It’s ‘Fast-paced, challenging, and a sense of camaraderie – in that we are all motivated and are willing to share knowledge‘.

The mentors are there to help every step of the way. ‘They encourage you to ask questions all the time. We’re mostly doing problem-solving and working on algorithms. The mentors will work on it on the projector. They’ll show you what they’re doing and how they’re thinking’. Green Fox’s methodology is a flipped classroom teaching technique, meaning it’s mostly hands-on. You learn mainly by completing assignments and group work.

Can anyone do the course?

The course can be intensive and overwhelming at times. It’s not a bad idea to consider tweaking aspects of your life i.e. sleep, exercise, social life etc. When you do enter the industry, it won’t get any easier. You’ll still have much to learn if you want to grow your career. So you might as well try and design a system that would be conducive to your learning and growth.

Try the basics of programming at their workshop or take a 3-week-long online course free of charge to be sure whether you are suitable for the IT career. See the events here.

To change career during your current job is possible

Thinking about changing your career? Check Green Fox Academy’s career-changing Junior Developer Courses. You can either change your career online or from their campus in Prague’s city center. Moreover, if you want to change your career as fast as possible, you can go for their full-time course and become a Junior Developer in just 4 months. If you want to change your career during your current job, you can take their part-time course only three time a week outside of working hours and become a Junior Developer in 10 months.

100% job placement guarantee

And that is not all. Green Fox Academy gives you a 100% job placement guarantee. Therefore, if they do not find you a job after you finish the course, they give you the whole tuition back.

Caroline Marcela

Caroline Marcela

From the east coast of Australia to Prague. Find me people watching and falling asleep on strangers on trams in the city. Or on instagram: @carolinemarcelaa
Caroline Marcela