In these crazy times we’re living in, people have suddenly been forced to realize a number of things… from their significant other’s worst habits, to how often we touch our faces every day and how little we were washing our hands prior to the coronavirus takeover of our planet… and if you’re thinking of how dirty your hands are, have you thought about your phone? Sure, it’s a little safer now that, like you, it’s confined to your flat or home… but think back a few months. 

Back in, say, January… you just plopped it down on restaurant tables, didn’t you?

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You touched random door handles (or the hand rails on the tram!) as you went about your day and then what did you do? You grabbed your phone to send off a quick text, didn’t you? That’s called “cross contamination.” 

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Everything… every nasty thing you came into contact with throughout your day ended up on your phone… which ended up, at some point or another, pressed against your cheek. I know what you’re thinking: “Ok! Ok! Stop already! You’re making my anxiety spike into the red!”

While you could bathe your phone in antibacterial hand gel (if you’re lucky enough to find any these days), most cell phone companies would advise against doing that. Harsh cleaning chemicals – and alcohol in particular – can damage that precious screen and erode the oleophobic coating… so what are we to do? Well. A Danish start-up has a solution. Literally.

Meet SPRAY Twice a Day from the makers of Panzer Glass. 

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You may have heard of Panzer. They make  superior screen protection for mobile devices and, like you, they realized that it might be a good idea to clean up those devices on a regular basis and so they’ve introduced a revolutionary new product.

This new antibacterial spray, developed in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute, kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and the four most common hospital-acquired infections. It contains no perfumes, paragons, ammonia, or alcohol (which is why it’s safe to use on your screen!)

Perfect for your cell phone or tablet, the spray is water-based and contains active ingredients – all ecologically safe and from sustainable sources – that neutralize bacteria. The bottle themselves are recyclable and they even sell a mini version you can wear around your neck.

SPRAY Twice a Day is now available from,, and other major Czech e-shops. To learn more, visit

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a bottle and remember to spray… twice a day.

Shaun O'Banion

Shaun O'Banion

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