East coast, West coast, or Third Coast? Pizza lovers and foodies are enjoying Prague’s newest gastro offering originating from the city of Detroit, Michigan.  Two American expats are bringing a fresh yet traditional item to Prague’s blossoming food industry.  Under the name Third Coast Pizza, Richard Hawes and Ross VanSlambrouck have started dishing out Detroit style Pizzas using a pop-up operation around the city of Prague. Third Coast Pizza started as a passion project during the early stages of the pandemic to make Detroit style pizzas for friends and has now grown into a foodie endeavor with demand that has been hard to meet.  “When we first started our intention was simply to bring a different style of pizza withRead more.

If you’re one of the estimated 600,000 expats living in the Czech Republic, it may have occurred to you at some point to consider starting a business. Maybe you were thinking about a favorite item from home that you’ve never seen here (or had to pay hundreds of dollars to import!) Maybe there is a kind of food you miss that you’ve searched endlessly for at the various pre-Covid Food Festivals in Prague. Or maybe you have a skill to offer that you think might have value in your community… whatever the case may be, if you’ve given it any amount of thought you may have wondered, “can an expat even have a business in the Czech Republic?” A quickRead more.


Tech start-up Nimble Energy introduces Nimbee, an electricity-on-demand service for out-of-home EV charging. Pilot operations will start in the first EU city, Prague, this summer. Prague, February 8, 2021 – The Czech tech start-up Nimble Energy aims to simplify the life of electric vehicle owners by bringing charging-electricity to wherever they need it. Focusing on high-capacity mobile storage and charging stations in the last three years, Nimble Energy is introducing an industry-first on-demand electricity delivery service. Nimbee, the first customer-centric system, is based on a 50 cm small, 40 kW charging power mobile battery developed by the Czech and Swiss experts. It can fully charge a medium-size car with European CCS connectors or Asian CHAdeMO within an hour. The officialRead more.