Blending Historical Beauty with Modern Luxury: Renovations at the Palác Akropolis and Upcoming Events

By: Palac Akropolis

On September 3rd, the Palác Akropolis reopened its doors after undergoing an exciting renovation. The Palác Akropolis has been a space for cultural events since the 1920s, but now it balances its historical beauty with modern luxury in a new interior designed by Františka Skály. Blending the old with the new, the team at Palác Akropolis has created a jazz bar along with refurbishing the small stages and updating the café.


The new jazz bar is a thrilling addition to the interior. It connects directly to the main stage theatre, allowing for easy access to refreshments during a performance. Additionally, it boasts its own small stage and DJ booth under blue neon lights that are surprisingly befitting for the eclectic space. However, if the new jazz bar is not for you, the Palác Akropolis has joined teams with LáskuKávo in its café upstairs. If you would like to see the newly renovated Palác Akropolis for yourself, there are many exciting upcoming events:

If you enjoy the theatre, spend this upcoming Sunday, September 13th, with the collaboration of the Czech group, Fekete Seretlek, and Studio DAMÚZA in their show KAR. The show originally premiered in 2016 at the Palác Akropolis, and it is gracing its stage once again. In the setting of a funeral dinner, the show is a combination of theatre and concert based on the classic book, Anna Karenina.

On September 17th and October 20th, watch as actress and singer Hana Frejková performs HANNAH / INVISIBLE I. This autobiographical show explores her past while investigating the universal theme of finding your place in the world. She works with dancer Markéta Jandová, sound designer Martin Tvrdý, and director Miřenka Čechová to bring you a show that delves into the complex lives of women artists from a personal perspective. Her premiere sold out, make sure you get your tickets soon!

For families, there is a performance on September 20th by the creative group, Spitfire Company, about a boy and a dog who have to defeat the Chinese secret police. Said to suit viewers from the ages of 10 to 110, this show brings together fiction and documentary footage, along with live-cinema, puppets, and original music.

Music lovers can enjoy live music once again with the Liveurope Festival on September 23rd. The Liveurope organization has brought together eight ‘musical discoveries’ from six countries around Europe to create a performance you do not want to miss: MEZERG (FR), Zimbru (RO), viah (CZ), Brothers (CZ), Дeva (HU), JayRo (CZ), Iztok Koren (SL), and Horsy (PL). Discover your new favorite band in this festival that will spread across all three stages of the Palác Akropolis.

Finish the month right on September 29th with a performance by the Swedish band KOOP Oscar Orchestra. The band was brought together by Oscar Simonsson, who originally belonged to the duo KOOP that broke up in 2009. Now, the band is freshly invigorated with additional members, and they are bringing their unique blend of pop, jazz, and electronica to Prague. 

These performances are only a small number of the talented groups coming to the Palác Akropolis in the upcoming months. To see more, visit their website. There is an event for everyone to enjoy, and now combined with the new interiors done by their hardworking team, you do not want to miss out on the Palác Akropolis.

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