Artwall Gallery is a contemporary art space located on the shore of the Vltava, attracting thousands of visitors daily. You might have seen it on the embankments of E.Beneše and Kpt. Jaroše, when riding the tram, connecting the authentic district of Prague 1 with the hip area of Prague 7. 

Discover the concept of Artwall Gallery and its headliners for this month. 

Artwall Gallery: The World of Wonders

Artwall Gallery has an inspiring history behind it, and we love it. This is all we wanted to hear at the end of a challenging and busy day. Something genuinely uplifting and encouraging for a better future for our society. 

Project Artwall aims to support the social impact of contemporary art in a non-gallery environment. The goal is based on the nature of the gallery’s dominant location, which ensures effective communication with the public,’ underlined Artwall creators and curators. 

Choosing the right location for the project is the first big step to success. The Artwall Gallery is located on the embankments of E.Beneše and Kpt. Jaroše. A well-known route for trams 6, 17, 8, and 26, connecting historical Prague 1 and the adventurous Prague 7 areas. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people traveling around get to perceive contemporary art in eight monumental niches supporting the mighty hill of Letná. 

A historical corner

Initially, the wall used to be a space for communist propaganda, and it remained distorted after the regime’s fall. However, the wonder woman residing in Prague was responsible for the wave of bright changes.

Barbara Benish decided to use the space within Letná’s walls as a free community for modern art. In 2000, her project ‘Flower Power’ was an overnight success, supported by the Center for Contemprorary Arts in Prague. It brought interest among local artists to express their visions. 

Benish has been a muse for the Artwall Gallery for her creative approach to the art industry. Since 2005, the gallery has operated daily, presenting controversial social and political change ideas. 

The headliner of the month – Adam Tománek 

Tománek’s artworks in the collection Darkness under the Sun shine bright as the diamonds in the Artwall Gallery, from July 1, 2022, to August 8, 2022. The artist shares his perspective on the situation of heat waves, flaming temperatures, and climate change. 

‘In the middle of a hot summer, he squeezes his body into a miniature share on a concrete patch in the suburbs. He walks through the center and the periphery, searching for the possibility of hiding from the Sun. He interacts with passers-by and the space, and his search for a shadow takes on different forms and meanings,’ explained the curators of the installation. 

With his artistic performance, Tománek shows residents of the capital how climate change affects the city they are living in. He emphasizes that hot temperatures are a thing now. We should take some action to prevent simply melting under the Sun. 

On top of that, the artist ‘enters into a dialogue with the tradition of Czech conceptual performance but at the same time moves away from a phenomenological research of the body in space towards a critical analysis of the impact of climate change in the context of the city.’ 

By squeezing this body into the shadows, Tománek represents the poorest social groups in our society. They do not have enough resources to have a roof above their heads to protect them from heat waves. This is a simple way of showing the world the real problems from which millions of people are currently suffering. 

Themes, issues, and the agenda

Showing the world the social impact of art is one of the primary activities of the gallery. Precisely, the agenda of Artwall usually involves a range of various topics, including social and political questions. 

As a vivid example, recent installations exhibited numerous political issues—from freedom and democracy to homelessness, feminism, religion, LGBT rights, racism, and xenophobia. In fact, the gallery always stays up-to-date with the current themes involving the Czech political scene and reacts to them with the help of different art forms. 

Interestingly, the Artwall gallery is more than just a hub for exhibitions. It is also used for various events and diverse accompanying programs. For instance, many people have shared their contributions to political issues and concerns. Some of them were local, and others came from international backgrounds. 

Art connects everyone, no matter what skin color you have, which languages you speak, which political views you adore, or who you like. Art is unique, like you!

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