In my last article, I was describing the funny and crazy Karaoke evenings at the Globe bookstore and cafe. I also mentioned that you could find more events at the Globe. This article is about their super Quiz night!

Are you a competitive person who loves games? I’m the person who can also enjoy the night with my friends at home just playing board games and drinking some wine (actually I can do it also without any wine)!

I tried my first Quiz night in Ireland. It was an awesome experience, and the fee they collected from all competitors was given to survivors of breast cancer in the local hospital. I didn’t know it then, but there is any opportunity to attend this kind of event in Prague too. I found out this after looking at the Globe event schedule. One week later, I tried my first quiz with my international friends. Those quiz nights are on Wednesdays from 7:30PM, and they are fully booked quite often, so I recommend that you make a reservation ahead of time. Quiz nights are mainly funny nights with a group of friends, but if you are brave and clever enough you can also participate on your own. Don’t be shy – try it! The maximum capacity of one team is 6 people, and there is small fee you pay during the event.

What should you expect? A busy evening with many people and many of them are competitive enough to kick you to the last place of the winning chart! But really, you should expect four rounds of questions, each with a different difficulty level. It seems there are never enough people on your team! Make sure your team is put together people with various types of knowledge so you can cover all sort of questions (e.g., history, music, geography). You will get your own answer sheet to check or write down your answers. Sometimes, it is just checking if it’s A, B or C, but other questions require full answers, like a year, a name, or a certain state in the USA, for example. In each round, the difficulty increases, so no celebrating when you pass the first one without any mistakes! There are 10 questions in each round.

What type of questions should you expect? Anything! Just about any question you just can imagine, from something like, “name all of the states of the European Union,” to questions like, “what is the capital of Thailand?” I love music or movie questions; there is a Movie Quiz night as well at the Globe, once a month on the first Tuesday of every month. Very often you will hear a sample of a song playing, and you’ll have to guess the name of the song and/or the singer/band. It’s a bit similar in the movie section. They show you some shot from the movie and you have to guess the movie or/and the actor/actress.  In between of those 4 rounds, you can find breaks for ordering another drink of something to eat, but I recommend staying inside and waiting for each activity that follows. During the breaks you can also play other games, such as small funny activities to shorten your wait for the next round. After each round you also will pass your answer sheet to another group playing the quiz, and those people will then correct your answers and calculate your total points. After finishing all of the rounds, you add up the points and put them down on your answer sheet; the organizer will collect them, and then announce who has won the game! There are no big prizes. The quiz is more about having fun with your friends and enjoying the evening out, but you can also win some free drinks/food or even some DVDs or CDs.

If are you looking for a quiz night, this is the right place to go! Have fun!

Find more on their website:

Markéta Hudečková

Markéta Hudečková

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