Have you been living in Prague for a while? Are you at that point when you’re starting to run out of new things to do in the city? You’ve spent years avoiding all the overly touristy things, but it seems that now they are the only things left – and hey, why not just give it a chance?

That’s where I’m at sometimes (especially on lazy weekends), and I decided to give this black light mini golf a try. Pretty expensive (209 CZK per person) for a glow in the dark golf ball and a club that feels a bit too small for adult humans. However, they have a promotion where you can spend around 60 crowns more and get two free drinks included in your admission price. I decided to opt out of that option, but the option is still there.

After powering through the first round of all 19 holes (usually it’s 18 but they had an extra one at the end), my friend and I decided to go at it again (I mean it only makes sense after that kind of entrance fee, right?) The entire game takes about an hour but you can really do it in 30 minutes. You can stay as long as you like, all day and all night till they close if you prefer. Two rounds seemed like a good amount though, depending on if your friends are slow or fast as well as if they suck or if they’re pretty good at the game.

What’s cool about this black light mini golf course is that it’s Prague-themed. What does that mean? It means that every hole will give you some factual information or story about the city. With this, the holes are arty and creatively designed. This place also used to be a former print shop, so there are decorations referring to that as well.

This venue also has a pool table, dartboards, foosball and many puzzles scattered on tables for you to take a stab at. This place also seems to partner with an Escape room in case you want to try that out afterwards. Located just 15 minutes by foot from Old Town Square, it’s pretty accessible and easy to get to.

Want more information? Here’s all you need:

Website: http://www.praguegolfandgames.com