The Kunsthalle presented an art exhibition, Kinetismus, entirely devoted to the notion of electricity and various technologies around it. Interestingly, the inspiration for the installation was the building of the art space. In the past, the building was a Zenger Electrical Substation, quite a significant instance for the economy and prosperity of the country. Let’s see what we can see there and why it is a practical exposition.  Kinetismus in every wolt  The art project has gathered various artistic works created with the help of thought-provoking elements like motorized movement and artificial light. Craters used advanced computational models, information technology, and digital art in most installation exhibits. In other words, the presented artworks overlap modern art with technology, being theRead more.

The contemporary art movement is spreading out in Prague, attracting close-minded individuals and soulmates. One of the best-known centers for modern art is MeetFactory, located in the lively area of Prague 5. MeetFactory unites four aspects of culture in its premises, such as music, theatre, a gallery, and artists-in-residence. Moreover, there are a couple of educational projects regarding art for everyone interested in the new sphere of the artistic movement.  Let’s see what MeetFactory’s secret attraction is and why it became the home of contemporary art.  History corner The story of MeetFactory dates back to its establishment in 2001. At the time, David Černý, the creator of most of Prague’s artistic districts, decided to establish a non-profit organization dedicated solelyRead more.

The arts are flourishing in all areas of Prague, from the industrial Holešovice to the lively spirit of Žižkov. More and more artists are joining the local communities and networks, preparing installations in various galleries, and creatively sharing their perception of the world and current issues. To our surprise, the Chemistry Gallery happens to be one of the places that unite modern art with the realms of society. Discover what you can see there!  The Chemistry Gallery: quick history & fun facts The core concept of the gallery grasps different aims that the gallery is aiming to achieve. For instance, The Chemistry Gallery is a ‘creative institution’ that can be helpful and attractive both for contemporary artists’ serious commercial andRead more.