The Portu Gallery runs a pop-up exhibition featuring icons of contemporary art, including Toyen, Warhol, Mucha, Kupka, and other creative individuals. Visitors can enjoy good wine, guided tours, and a special surprise at the end—tickets to iMucha.  The installation will happen next Thursday, September 22, 2022, at the Hauch Gallery. It will be only a one-day event, so mark it on your calendar!  Art Icons: What is it all about?  The Portu Gallery gathered the unique masterpieces of modern art in one place. In the exhibition, you can see the phenomenal works of Czech artists and foreign ones. For instance, Alfons Much and František Kupka will represent the contemporary art of the Czech Republic. In contrast, Andy Warhol and RoyRead more.

Prague Art Week is more than art on its own. It is a collaboration of art institutions, galleries, and museums that have come together to show the world its hidden gems and reveal the darkest secrets of modern and classical Czech art. The event will run for a week, from September 9, 2022, to September 15, 2022. Let’s dive into the art fusion and discover what Art Week has prepared for us! What’s Prague Art Week?   As you might guess from the event’s name, Prague Art Week is a festival that runs for a week. How shocking is that right? It gathers all the leading art institutions in Prague. There, you might see representatives of Kunsthalle Praha, MeetFactory, Rudolfinum, theRead more.

Kampa Museum gathered the essential artworks of Barbora Blahutová and presented them from a brand-new perspective, in a new undiscovered light, at House and Sculpture exhibition.  House, as a muse of the installation, inspires the artist in all ways. From household elements such as milk jars to landscapes and human personas.  The exhibition runs at Kampa Museum from June 28, 2022, to October 20, 2022.  Barbora Blahutová’s biographical sketch Coming from South Bohemia, the place of vineyards and Slivovice, she has a pretty colorful, astonishing, and at the same time, challenging life.  The spike in her art career happened simultaneously with the roaring communist regime in the Czech Republic. At that time, it was still Czechoslovakia. The political power restricted herRead more.