iMucha show goes live in the O2 arena this May, allowing spectaculars to enjoy Art Nouveau masterpieces with real emotions and unbelievable experiences. The show is on May 26, 2022, at the fantastic arena in Prague, full of seats, drinks, and delicious snacks. 

Don’t miss it! 

What about Mucha?

Mucha was one of the most famous Czech illustrators and artists of the 19th century. His famous artworks encompass The Slav Epic. It is a canvas showing the history of the Slavic people, their strong spirit, and distinctive culture. Other works included commercial posters for theater plays and big companies such as Nestlé and Moët-Chandon. 

Ivan Lendl's collection of Mucha posters will return to Prague next week  with a modern twist - Prague, Czech Republic

You can find various exhibitions devoted to his masterpieces around the city center of Prague. For instance, the Mucha Museum is the one and only art space in the world that is dedicated to his life and work as an Art Nouveau artist. There, you can find a vast collection of his posters. 

iMucha, on the other hand, is the digital view of an artist’s work. In the installation, you can touch and perceive ‘live’ illustrations with the help of digital art and artificial reality. 

iMucha Show

The show is a multimedia story about the challenge between creativity and destruction. It depicts the life of Alfons Mucha, with an emphasis on his synergy of life and work balance. The issue and a real struggle that is almost impossible to maintain at that time and now. 

‘We are all very much looking forward to the premiere, and we will do our best to ensure that Pierce Brosnan, whose voice accompanies the show, can also attend the May premiere,’ said Michal Dvořák, co-author of the iMucha project. 

INFO.CZ | iMUCHA Show rozezvučí a rozhýbe O2 Universum již v únoru

The show follows the most technological projections, modern music, and dance, including breathtaking acrobatics and stage performances. In simple words, a gig is telling a story about the artist through the lens of a comic book artist who is just starting his career path in an unknown world of challenges, excitement, struggles, and fame. 


Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online, whichever is more convenient. The price ranges from 1,290 Kč up to 3,490 Kč, depending on the seat placement. Here is the pricing list on the official partner website, Ticketmaster.

There is also access available for wheelchair users and a unique guide who will accompany them during the show for all their wants and needs. 

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