If you’re into live jazz, blues, and funk this is going to be your go-to place to unwind at the end of the week. To your luck, you can go any night if you wanted to – not just at the end of the week. What’s great about the Jazz Republic is that they offer live jazz every night without an entrance fee. Tables fill up quick though, so it’s best to visit their website and reserve a table online before heading down. Online you can see tables that are already reserved or not, giving you an idea of how crowded it will be before even going. Music usually starts at either 8pm or 9pm.

The feel and atmosphere of this place is what you expect a jazz bar to be like. They’ve got guitars up on the walls, posters of classic artists, and spaced out seating that all comes together under the featured live band. The venue offers a variety of drinks, as well with some small meals to make up for your small dinner (sausages, nachos and cheese kind of thing). So yes, it’s better to eat before going, but no worries – at least you’re covered when it comes down to drinks. Drink enough beer and it’s like eating a bag of potatoes, right? Although quite pricey, they do have all the drinks you can imagine. Just think of the price surge as the balance for your free entry to witness some of the chillest vibes. Worth it.

Ready to swing by sometime and get your jazz on? Here is all the information you need:

Location:  Jilská 1a, Prague 1 – Old Town

Phone: (00420) 221 183 552 (from 8pm)

E-mail:  info@JazzRepublic.org

Website: http://www.jazzrepublic.cz/en/