A hidden magical cavern in Prague? Yes, pretty much!

 If you ever find yourself in the area of Petrin, whether you purposely go there because of this article or if you happen to be strolling through Petrin Park, I recommend a little hunt to find this unique spot. Located in the pit of Petrin Hill is an art gallery which is covered in ivy. There are gargoyles guarding the entrance to this three-storey house which was opened to the public in 2005.

 The Magical Cavern is the home of Reon Argondian’s wicked and dynamic paintings – adding up to more than 80 works which includes paintings and sculptures to visually stimulate you. The gallery itself is an art masterpiece. What’s incredible is the atmosphere of touring through this museum. Take your time as you walk down sets of spiral staircases while observing neon-rich coloured paintings on the way. Forget formality. This place definitely has a cavern-like feel and you are immediately taken into the world of Reon and his imaginary creations. You can even chill out in some of the rooms where there are couches and seats to relax while taking in all the artwork. The museum also provides free alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, so sit back, relax, and drink up!

 Who is Reon Argondian and what’s his story? He worked his whole life to create his own fictional and fantastical country called Argondia. Through his artwork, he creates the images associated in this imaginary land all the while incorporating elements of myths and legends. Many of his paintings revolve around strange creatures, plants coming to life with human faces and just the entire plant world surrounded with rays of light. The paintings can be referred to the Renaissance technique, which Reon acquired in his youth as an art-restorer of the old masters. The Magical Cavern encompasses an entire fictional world of Reon and it is definitely worth exploring.

Want to check it out? Here’s all the information you need:

Website: http://www.reon.cz