Located in the heart of Old Town Square, the newly open Illusion Art Museum is waiting for your visit! The doors are open daily from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M.! There, you can discover various techniques of creating and developing illusions, the art of social media, and the physical interaction of all exhibitions. Let’s find out what hides behind the walls! 

What can you expect? 

The museum building is pretty vast: three flours of wandering around the illusion and installations and wondering how it can be so accurate! Some of the exhibitions are devoted to modern and contemporary art, others to the history of the Czech Republic. The most amusing thing is that you can touch every exhibition without any limit! 

IAM Prague Tesla Anamorph
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Interestingly, you can see some influential historical figures there. For instance, Nikola Tesla is made out of metallurgical painting, trick art, and spatial illusion altogether! 

Which artists can I see? 

In the Illusion Art Museum, there are a great diversity of artists, both local and international. As for local ones, you may recognize such names as Ivana Štenclová and Ladislav Vlna, who constantly contribute to the Czech Republic culture.

First Museum of Illusions and Trick Art to Open Today in Prague
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On the international side, there are well-known artists such as Patrick Hughes and Patrik Proško. 

Virtual tour

If you feel unsafe about the spread of the coronavirus infection, we got your back! Due to the high numbers of the covid-19 cases, the museum is offering virtual tours! In fact, the museum was doing this practice for the entire year since the start of the pandemic.

The price for the tour is just 3 EUR, and you will get a complimentary entrance ticket when the museum is reopened. You can preview the tour video by clicking here


The restaurant venue is also available at the Illusion Art Museum! After spending some hours at the exhibition, you can sit and relax at the museum’s cafe. The most marvelous part is that you can sit right on Old Town Square and enjoy the magnificent view!

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There are various dishes available in the restaurant: from the local and truly Czech cuisine to homemade desserts and ice cream! 

Entrance fees

The tickets fall under the different age categories. For example, an adult ticket costs 300 Kč, whereas student, children (6-15), and senior tickets with the valid ID is just 200Kč. Children under the age of six are free to enter the museum. 

Also, there is a deal on the family ticket for the price of 700Kč. On the website, you can purchase the gift voucher as well. It costs the same amount of money.  All tickets can be purchased online via the GoOut Tickets service or directly on the site.

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