Pragovka, the artspace for modern art, introduces a new installation, Kolben Open 9, presenting the creative style of living. The exhibition will open on May 7, 2022, early in the morning, with the first swirl of the birds.  What is Pragovka?  If we are going to describe Pragovka, we would simply say that it unites everything in the cultural and artistic fields under one roof. To be more precise, organizers stated that it is ‘a creative space where art and life, work and play, old and new, history, the present, and bold visions meet.’ We could not agree more with such a precise and vivid art space description.  In fact, Pragovka has been operating since 2014 thanks to Lucie NováčkováRead more.

The National Gallery of Prague presented a new vision of the nineties culture and how it was challenging yet fun in its exclusive installation Heroin Crystal Nineties Generation. The exhibition is set to run all summer in Stone Bell House until the last breath of fresh breeze and taste of watermelon sugar – on August 28, 2022.  Roaring 1990s Sex, drugs, and alcohol were the fuel of society back in the 1990s. People around the globe wish to try something new, have an unforgettable experience, and bring their lives to a new level. The level where you either die or keep rolling in the chaotic life – no one was certain of tomorrow. The organizers emphasized that Heroin Crystal literallyRead more.

iMucha show goes live in the O2 arena this May, allowing spectaculars to enjoy Art Nouveau masterpieces with real emotions and unbelievable experiences. The show is on May 26, 2022, at the fantastic arena in Prague, full of seats, drinks, and delicious snacks.  Don’t miss it!  What about Mucha? Mucha was one of the most famous Czech illustrators and artists of the 19th century. His famous artworks encompass The Slav Epic. It is a canvas showing the history of the Slavic people, their strong spirit, and distinctive culture. Other works included commercial posters for theater plays and big companies such as Nestlé and Moët-Chandon.  You can find various exhibitions devoted to his masterpieces around the city center of Prague. For instance, theRead more.