This Sunday, Czechs participated in another demonstration at Wenceslas Square against the current COVID-19 measures.

The demonstration was organized by the My Společně (We Together) initiative. The organizers had to end the protest after twelve minutes – a total of 60 people were detained on Sunday for misdemeanors (including the absence of masks and violation of the current restrictions) and at least one person was detained for a possible attack on the police officer.

Chcípl PES initiative also had a demonstration at the Old Town Square which was even shorter because the number of demonstrators exceeded the allowed maximum.

The police allowed only 100 participants to enter the square. The police checked whether the demonstrators had the respirators and the accommodation in Prague. After the event’s end, the organizers and participants headed to Petřín. Several protesters proposed to pedestrians to take off their respirators. 

Dozens of people planned to arrive from Karviná and Ostrava to Prague’s protests. However, the police stopped them at the border due to the movement restrictions.

“The police told us that they did not accept the invitation to the parliamentary assistant’s selection procedure and that they assumed that we were circumventing the government’s regulation banning leaving the district,” one of the participants explained.

Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamáček, stated that Lubomír Volný, a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament, was also arrested at the demonstration.

“I have information that the deputy was detained after repeatedly refusing to wear a mask,” Hamáček said.

From March 1, it is not allowed to freely travel to other Czech districts. As for the demonstrations, only 100 people are allowed to participate, keeping the distance in a group of 20 people. 

Irina Nikolaeva

Irina Nikolaeva

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Irina Nikolaeva