What’s happening in Prague this week? A full list of lockdown-friendly events to mark in your calendar for this week!

February 1st

(Virtual Interview) Masterclass with James McAvoy presented by Edinborough Youth Theatre. Starts at 21:00 CET and tickets are donation-based.

Jame McVoy is an actor across series and movies, holding notable roles in Hollywood hits like the X-Men series, psychological thriller Split, and the remake of the classical tale Frankenstein. The Scottish-born actor will be sitting down today with Scottish Actor Shauna Macdonald, presented by the Edinborough Youth Theatre. This masterclass will answer a live Q&A from the audience as well as offer an insight into the cinematic industry. Tickets are donation-based!

February 2nd

(Virtual Workshop) Introduction to Python Coding coordinated by the University of Liverpool. Starting at 15:00 GMT and tickets are FREE.

As the world of data science continues to blend into every aspect of our lives, more and more demand has arisen for people who are able to collect, categorize, and understand what this data means. As one of the most popular job descriptions out on the market, now more than ever is it prudent to understand what data means to you – and what exactly it is. This free introduction to Python Coding, the language most commonly used for gathering information in business and governments, offers a detailed look into what exactly it takes for someone to enter the industry. Or even if you’re looking to gain a new skill or see how data science can help your own business grow, this is a great opportunity to listen and learn for free.

February 4th

(Virtual Game) Harry Potter Book Night Family Quiz hosted by Stockton Borough Libraries. Starts at 19:00 CET and tickets are FREE.

One of the most epic series of fantasy books ever written has captivated the world for two decades now. The Harry Potter 7-book collection has led to a billion-dollar brand, with Hollywood movies, countless games, and its very own section at Disneyworld. More likely than not, you’ve also been able to lose yourself in the magical wizarding world of dragons and dementors, and this Thursday you can test your knowledge with your friends and family at this Harry Potter Quiz Night. This event is hosted by the Stockton Borough Libraries and is free to enter.

(Virtual Seminar) TEDxLondonWomen presented by TedxLondon. Starts at 13:00 CET and tickets begin at 10 pounds.

The global series of inspirational, instructive, and indispensable talks from the independent Tedx brand have garnered over a billion views on streaming platforms. This unique event will feature prominent female voices discussing how to push boundaries and unity. With a variety of different fields represented, you can catch this London-based seminar online at 13:00 this Thursday.

February 6th

(Virtual Class) Frida Kahlo Painting Workshop for Adults hosted by Art Enthusiasts London. Starts at 16:00 CET and the tickets are 10.30 pounds.

Frida Kahlo is the iconic Mexican artist who led an intrepid life that skyrocketed into history for her illustrious self-portraits, among other works. Join this workshop as a complete beginner or an experienced artist, and learn about the life and style of Frida Kahlo while also following along to learn from her technique. From mixing skin tones to choosing the right palettes, join this informative and active class this Saturday for free!

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila