Prague is a great historical city with plenty of green zones, parks, national reservations that became popular, especially in the pandemic. Sometimes, they can be overcrowded and noisy, and you cannot simply relax there. Check out parks where you can finally feel tranquility and spend time in silence. 

Divoká Šárka

Located in the north district of Prague, the natural reservation welcomes all visitors, including dogs!. Interestingly, it was named after the mythical female warrior. Based on the legend, she threw her off one of the multiple cliffs there.

 It is a place that is perfect for people who love physical activity, hiking, or mountain biking! You can enjoy the magical and breathtaking scenery in the park: a vast forest with a great view of the areal. For a moment, you forget that you are still in Prague! 

In the summer, you can enjoy swimming in the pool, there are a great variety of refreshing drinks! Meanwhile, in the winter, you can skate in the frozen water reservoir. You can do plenty of sports during other seasons – tennis, biking, volleyball, or football. 

Vojanovy sady

A small garden, hidden in the Malostranská area, is a marvelous place where you can read a book or meet the peacock. There is a small lake, magnificent trees, a bunch of benches, and the chapel of St. Elijah. In the chapel, there is a wall full of paintings from the 17th century. 

In fact, it is considered to be the oldest preserved garden in Prague: it survived all challenges and hardships that the city has experienced! During the Middle Ages, the park was used as the monastery garden. 

Today, you can find there rose terraces and orchards, which are surrounded by vast walls. These walls protect the garden from the city nousr and create genuine peace. In the spring, you can notice the blooming of magnolias and rhododendrons. 

Letohrádek Hvězda

It is one of the green zones that worth a visit! Letohrádek Hvězda is a national cultural monument which is situated in one of Prague’s districts – Prague 6. Its story begins in 1540 when King Ferdinand I found the summer palace.

Its architecture style is minimalistic, which resembles the Rennaissance style the most. The building has the shape of a six-pointed star, and it shares the name of the game reserve where it is situated. Besides the star-shaped villa, a beautiful park, through which you can take a stroll. In the park, you can learn about the history of the building, its architectural development, and the Battle of White Mountain. 

Enjoy the green places around Prague, which were muses or motivations for famous individuals as Mucha and Kafka.

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