If you haven’t yet heard, there is a church full of bones located in the village of Kutna Hora about an hour east from Prague. It’s picking up a lot of hype and we can see why. This bone church is filled with bones and skulls from nearly 70,000 victims of the plague. Although it can be a bit eerie and cold, the sight is definitely worth the trip.

Inside the church (Sedlec Monastery), you can see interesting configurations on how the bones are set up and displayed. You can see some of the bones arranged as some sort of shield, chandelier and into many decorations. Although it’s not as big as the catacombs in other parts of the world, it’s still very interesting and unusual.

After you’re done walking through the church and taking in all the artistic chaos, why not walk around the village for a bit? Since 1995, the entire city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pretty cool, huh? Nearby there is a huge gothic cathedral (St. Barbara’s Church) dating back from the 14th century as well.

Another sight to see while you’re in the area is the Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady — a more modern cathedral. The architecture is quite stunning and is also jotted down as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How do you get there? If you don’t have a car, you can easily take the train. From Prague, it will take you about one hour and cost roughly 125 CZK per person for a roundtrip ticket. You’ll take the train directly to the main Kutna Hora station and then change to their local train (one stop) to Sedlec Station. There is no real path leading you to the church from that station, so it’s best if you have some data to whip out your GPS and follow Google for this part. But once you make it to the church, take out your camera and sink in the fact that you are inside of a church full of bones — definitely something not everyone can say!