Czech Smoking Ban – Approved for 2017

It’s a breath of fresh air for non-smokers residing in the Czech Republic. The smoke-filled rooms and your smoke-stained clothing will soon be a thing of the past. If everything goes well, the new law should take action on May 31, 2017 – coincidentally also known as No Tobacco Day.


The Czech Republic will potentially (most likely) join the other 17 members of the European Union who already have similar smoking bans in place. This is a great thing because it shows a standard of care to protect the health of its citizens.

Many residents have been pushing for this ban, which was initially proposed three years ago but has been only gaining more attention since last year. This ban would prohibit smoking in restaurants, pubs, and bars but nevertheless rejected in the end.

Second time around, support has been picking up and the Lower House of Parliament passed a draft law on December 9th. As it currently stands, the bill must still be approved by the Senate and signed by the president. However, the support ratio from the Lower House was 118 to 23, meaning that it’s enough to overturn a possible rejection by the Senate.

What will this ban mean? Pretty much the end of U Sudu’s gas chamber effect (a winery-like-maze that goes so deep underground and lacks fresh air – but a cool place overall). This also means that you will not have to wash your clothes as often as you probably do now for “scent reasons.” This smoking ban will not only target restaurants and pubs, but will also impact movie theaters, concert venues, exhibition halls and indoor sports areas.